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  • For decades organizations have relied on monolithic databases to run core business operations, but these traditional relational database management systems weren’t designed to support the requirements of modern application architectures.

    Modern tools and technologies allow developers to design and build web-scale microservices and container-based applications, and non-scalable...Read more

  • Organizations have—for decades—relied on traditional monolithic databases to run their core business operations, but these products were never designed to support the requirements of modern application architectures. This isn’t surprising, and hardly a failing; advances in technology have come fast and furious in the last ten years or so. Even with these advances, monolithic...Read more

  • Between 2010 and 2017, personal loans by FinTech start-ups as a proportion of total loans leapt from 1 percent to 36 percent. That jump alone caused a lot of consternation in traditional banking . And it’s estimated that technology disruption could affect up to 80 percent of revenue for traditional retail banks beyond 2020. The changing face of global commerce is also reflected in a 2018...Read more

  • Apache Zeppelin is a completely open web-based notebook that enables interactive data analytics, data ingestion, data exploration, visualisation, sharing, and collaboration.

    This project will demonstrate how to run analytic queries and data visualisation against NuoDB using Zeppelin Notebooks with SparkSQL, Python, and NuoSQL.

    We will also set up basic authentication...Read more

  • The Financial Services industry is in the midst of widespread disruption as they experience both phenomenal growth and unprecedented competition. What key change drivers are pushing this disruption? Will traditional financial service providers be able to keep up, or will disruptive competitors take the lead?

    Driver #1: APAC & MENA Coming In Strong

    In the past, North America and...Read more