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  • Introduction

    In order to certify that NuoDB is a fully-featured database product that can be used to power existing enterprise-grade applications, we frequently migrate various pieces of software to run on NuoDB.

    Recently, we did that with Phabricator , which is an open-source, web-based suite of development collaboration tools, including source repository browser, reviews, bug tracker...Read more

  • Tungsten Replicator is a software package that allows replication to be established between MySQL and another database product. This blog post describes how to configure replication between MySQL and NuoDB.

    The benefits of doing this are to:

    1. Offload realtime analytics from an overloaded operational MySQL instance. Both NuoDB and MySQL would run side by side with NuoDB...Read more

  • We’re often asked about how replication in the NuoDB NewSQL database compares to replication in MySQL. The truth is, “replication” in NuoDB is not the same as your garden variety replication in a traditional RDBMS. In this article we’ll discuss the advantages derived from our unique architecture and the key differences these produce for replication behavior in NuoDB....Read more

  • Even though newer scripting languages are now in vogue, Perl is still the workhorse of the internet. The job market for Perl developers is going strong and Perl has a long history of use in major web sites such as Ticketmaster, and The New York Times. Perl is well suited for database processing tasks due to the mature, unified DBI database interface and the numerous database-...Read more

  • We use JIRA for issue-tracking. It’s a great product that uses a relational database back-end.

    Our goal is to use NuoDB in-house as much as possible, and by getting JIRA running against NuoDB we could confirm that NuoDB is production-ready and capable of driving complex enterprise applications.

    What are the benefits of running JIRA on NuoDB?

    First of all, data...Read more