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  • With NuoDB 2.0 the support for stored procedures gains a new exciting feature: the capability of running a procedure written in the Java language. Stored procedures written in SQL still achieve the maximum performance boost, but Java stored procedures have on their side a richer programming language, a huge number of third-party libraries and an almost effortless migration path from client-...Read more

  • Introduction

    One of the new preview features of the NuoDB NewSQL DBMS 1.2 is the addition of SQL stored procedures to the toolbox that users have at their disposal. Although they don't add any new capability to the database engine, as the same task can be done by client code written in any of the supported languages (C++, Java, .NET, Python, Perl...), a significant part of the SQL community...Read more

  • With NuoDB release 1.1 we have added support for Microsoft .Net and Language INtegrated Queries (LINQ). In this post we’ll take a quick look at accessing the NuoDB quickstart hockey database using LINQ.

    What are Language INtegrated Queries?

    LINQ is Microsoft’s innovative technology, introduced in 2008, for the development of database applications by writing queries...Read more

  • The new .Net driver for NuoDb, currently in beta, allows to interact with the NuoDB database from a wide range of existing tools. One of this is the migration tool available with the Microsoft SQL Server database, that can move data between two data sources for which an ADO.NET driver is available. Today we will migrate the AdventureWorks database to NuoDb, available at the address http://...Read more