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NuoDB 2.0.2 is Available

In our latest patch, v2.0.2, the focus remained on fortifying our 2.0 release. In this short development cycle there were nearly 100 feature improvements and fixes. I'll call out a few of them here, but leave it to you to go download this latest release and see for yourself.

For starters, I should note that 2.0.2 continued with the optimization of our deployment for geo-distributed environments. A significant mention here is the progress made on defense, adding greater resilience to both network errors and high-latency network links.

Also of note, our SQL team has added new syntax to ALTER SEQUENCE, introducing a lower bound for a sequence [DB-493]. There's also new support for ALTER TABLE ... CHANGE COLUMN, as used in the ActiveObjects framework [DB-2752].

.Net users received a New Year's gift too. We've made it so that stored procedures can now be called from the .Net Entity Framework [DB-3729]. We've also added an upper limit on our connection pool.

Our Admin Tier team has been very busy, making adjustments in and around the Automation Console and related tools. Here's a list of just a few of their notable updates:

DB-4797, DB-4863: Auto Console now distinguishes a database being "In/Active", and the state(s) of its distributed processes, as well as details on requirements not being met.
DB-4862, DB-4730: Auto Console shows Agent's advertised address instead of just hostname.
DB-4906, DB-4901: Host info now includes region. Domain summary groups by region, sorts by host address which considers alt-address settings.
DB-4669: Auto Console client side UI improves re-connecting and loading.
DB-4184, DB-4920: Enforcer of managed databases now handles Engine start issues better to report failures back to the client UI.
DB-4484: Admin database can be bootstrapped using any template; see
DB-4961: Agent/Broker java options have been updated for OSX and Windows to set the Out-of-Memory handler to create a dump file. Linux users can update the jvm-options file to enable it.
DB-4807: Agent/Broker logging has been adjusted to use ISO 8601 timestamps and remove the line-feed in the log context.
DB-4663, DB-5113: Auto Console correctly displays CPU usage percentages, mirroring how Unix process monitoring facilities work.
DB-4795: Auto Console "hosts" now shows TPS as "average"

As always, we encourage your sharing of ideas, feedback, and experiences with NuoDB in our Community Forum.

Happy New Year!

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