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Browsing a NuoDB Database

I was asked by one of our users how they can browse their NuoDB database and do the kinds of things that you can do with traditional “Old SQL” database browser clients.

As of the Starlings 1.1 Release of NuoDB there is database browser functionality in the Web Console, and for many purposes that will be just fine.  But the rest of the answer is that NuoDB is a standard SQL database with standard drivers, and as such can use browser tools such as Microsoft Visual Studio on Windows, or SQuirreL SQL on other platforms.   So I thought I’d just write a note on how to get started with SQuirreL SQL, to demonstrate how easy it is.

If you haven’t done so already; you must download and install NuoDB.

Next, to ensure that we have some data to browse, run the Quickstart wizard. This will get you going with a database, starting up the processes, creating a disk archive and so on.  Having done that you can go to the Explorer tab, type in your Domain credentials (“quickstart/quickstart”) and start browsing the Hockey database.  You are now using the standard NuoDB web-based database browser.  But we’re here to talk about Squirrel SQL, so let’s get to that.

Download SQuirreL SQL.  There are multiple places you can get it, but I downloaded version 3.5  from here: SQuirreL SQL 3.5.  Once installed it’s just a matter of configuring SQuirreL with the NuoDB JDBC driver. Review our online doc for more information.

You can now click Connect in SQuirreL SQL, type in your database credentials (default is “dba/goalie”) and be connected to the Hockey database.

Screen Shot 2013-05-24 at 5.15.34 PM

That’s it.  You can browse the database, use all the cool SQuirreL SQL editing features and so on.    Have at it!

Let us know what other standard SQL tools are important to you, and we’ll let you know how to go about using them with NuoDB.

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