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Why NuoDB?

Tim Gage explains why Alfa selected NuoDB for their database needs.

Video transcript: 

“Why did you choose NuoDB?”

Tim Gage: So firstly, it is able to support our product, all right? We have a complex and large products, and like I said earlier on, not all of the other platforms out there are able to support the full Alfa set of SQL standards that we run, all the functionality that we have. So that was the initial step. Secondly, it has this native support for -- it’s designed for running in the cloud, on AWS, on that kind of horizontal scaling hardware. So that was a great fit for the kind of thing we were looking for for our hosted deployment. Thirdly, all the technical advantages -- so things like the active-active deployment model, the elastic scaling dynamic -- ability to add nodes at run time, all that kind of stuff, you know, it’s all good features for us.

Customer benefits

Tim Gage: Our customers don’t see the database directly, typically. So the kind of things that they’re going to see are the active-active deployment model, giving them increased uptime, longer and better resilience, the ability to cope with, you know -- uptime, resilience, active-active, all that kind of good stuff that actually comes out of using NuoDB.

lower TCO

Tim Gage: The other factor is that the lower -- potentially lower licensing costs for NuoDB might mean that we can offer the product more cheaply, Alfa as a whole more cheaply, as the total cost of ownership might be lower for those guys.

Alfa Benefits

Tim Gage: So we think that ultimately, we should be able to ship a better product.

So by -- like I said earlier on, we’re -- the database is the foundation on which we build, and if we have a stronger foundation with all this extra support for active-active continuous uptime, then ultimately what we’re delivering to our clients is a better product, and will be better than what our competitors can currently offer.