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NuoDB Policy-Driven Automation Demonstration

Policy-Driven Administration

The NuoDB Automation Console provides the tools that let you understand the size and scope of problems you need to solve.

Video transcript: 

NuoDB is a scale-out SQL database for the cloud and the modern datacenter that allows you to dynamically add and remove active nodes without ever sacrificing transactional consistency.

NuoDB’s “No Knobs” approach to Administration delivers full automation for all NuoDB databases. In this demo, we will showcase our Automation Console, which handles database configuration, deployment, and monitoring, making it extremely easy to automate starting, stopping and scaling out your databases via templates from a central console.

Demo Section:

As we start up the Automation Console we are presented with a dashboard view. The dashboard allows us to place various widgets that give us a holistic view of the database system at any point in time.

The dashboard view includes widgets for Memory consumption and CPU usage for each host, a view of currently running NuoDB databases (where you can see that we have three databases configured), available hosts, total commits per second, and geographic database regions.

In this example, we have Storefront, telco and System databases running, with operational load running against the Storefront database. As you can see, the Automation Console gives you a powerful, yet easy to understand dashboard that combines both systems administration and DBA level details into a single view for monitoring any scale-out or multi-tenant deployment.

Next let’s drill down into the “Telco” database to see what’s going on. As you can see the database is deployed in 1 Region on 3 hosts with 5 processes running. In NuoDB databases are managed by templates that enforce different service level agreements. In the case of the Telco database we use the Multi Host template, which you use to manage scale out deployments in a single region.

Additional templates available include a single host deployment for starter applications, a minimally redundant template that provides a minimum level of high-availability and data redundancy, and a Geo-distributed template that enables you to scale a single logical NuoDB database across multiple geographic regions.

Now, let’s imagine that the Telco database that is currently running in the AWS west coast datacenter is being used by a mobile application that has become immensely popular in other regions as well. To improve performance across these new regions, we’ll want to deploy that database globally.

With NuoDB’s easy-to-use templates, all I need to do is change the template for the Telco database from multi host to our Geo-Distributed template. As you can see, within seconds, the Console automatically starts new database processes in the AWS US-East and EU-Central regions. As all processes come on line, The Telco database is now deployed in 3 regions on 9 host machines.

This simple act of changing from one database template to another can be performed easily – and can be executed on active databases regardless of transaction volume.

What we’ve seen is that the Automation Console makes deploying, and managing a database or multiple databases a flexible and simple experience.

Check out NuoDB today to experience it for yourself.