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NuoDB Demo: Introduction

Introduction to NuoDB

NuoDB is the Elastic SQL Database for modern cloud applications. Watch our short demos for a sample of all that NuoDB can do for your applications.

Video transcript: 

Welcome to the introductory demonstration of NuoDB - the Elastic SQL database for always-available, always active, hybrid cloud applications.

With NuoDB you can you can easily scale-out your applications by simply adding a node. Here we have deployed NuoDB in Red Hat Open Shift and can simply add a transaction processing node and see throughput - as measured in transactions per second increase, while latency drops.

We can keep scaling out our application throughput by adding transaction processing nodes to dramatically increase transactions per second - in this case all the way up to 2.8 million transactions per second!

You can deploy NuoDB on-premises, in the cloud, or across a hybrid cloud. And when deployed in an active-active configuration, if your primary data center suffers an outage, your application continues running with no disruption to application service.

To learn more about NuoDB, watch the extended demo video to see how NuoDB brings you the benefits of cloud deployments and elastic scalability, without sacrificing the requirements of business critical, operational workloads.

To see the full demo go to, or you can download the NuoDB Community Edition at

Thank you.