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NuoDB Demo: Easy, Elastic Scaling

Elastic Scalability

Watch how easily NuoDB can improve database performance by scaling elastically on demand while maintaining full ACID compliance.

Video transcript: 

NuoDB is an Elastic SQL database that can easily scale out to meet workload demands.

The simplest NuoDB configuration has one in-memory transaction processing node and one storage management node. If we want to increase resiliency, we can simply add a 2nd storage manager node. NuoDB then automatically syncs storage data from other nodes and we get full storage redundancy.

As the application workload increases though, we notice that client latency begins to increase as well. So we a simply add a 2nd transaction processing node, increasing throughput and reducing latency.

It’s that easy to scale-out with NuoDB!

And this scale out simplicity can be extended as far as your application and workload requirements take it.

As we add more in-memory transaction processing nodes, watch as our throughput exceeds 2.8m transactions per second, easily exceeding the throughput requirements of most applications!

To learn more about NuoDB, watch the extended demo video to see how NuoDB brings you the benefits of cloud deployments and elastic scalability, without sacrificing the requirements of business critical, operational workloads.

To see the full demo go to, or you can download the NuoDB Community Edition at

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