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NuoDB Demo: Continuous Availability & Cloud Migration

Continuous Availability

Watch how NuoDB can be configured to run as a redundant database across multiple hosts, supporting high availability and redundancy, rolling upgrades, and online schema evolution and backup.

Video transcript: 

NuoDB uniquely provides continuous availability for hybrid cloud deployment and migration.

With our hybrid deployment spanning on-prem and the public cloud, if we shut down our on-prem data center - or it suffers a catastrophic failure, the application continues to run in the cloud uninterrupted. Throughput may drop, but the database - and the application - keeps running, allowing you to accommodate data center failures and migrate applications to the cloud without an interruption to application service.

To learn more about NuoDB, watch the extended demo video to see how NuoDB brings you the benefits of cloud deployments and elastic scalability, without sacrificing the requirements of business critical, operational workloads.

To see the full demo go to, or you can download the NuoDB Community Edition at

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