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NuoDB Demo: Active-Active & Hybrid Cloud

Active-Active & Hybrid Cloud

Watch how NuoDB can be deployed active-active across a hybrid cloud architecture in a typical on-premises data center. 

Video transcript: 

NuoDB is an elastic SQL database that can be deployed active-active across a hybrid cloud architecture.

Let’s start by running NuoDB in a typical on-premises deployment. If we want to expand to the cloud, we can simply add a second storage management node in our cloud environment giving us additional storage redundancy and resiliency.

We can then add transaction processing nodes to our cloud deployment, spreading the workload across the on-premises and cloud environments, and as we connect our cloud application, we end up with a fully hybrid deployment spanning on-premises and public cloud.

We can continue to simply add nodes to our cloud deployment to increase resiliency, capacity and throughput. And if we see our cloud workload increase, watch how OpenShift and NuoDB automatically add additional transaction engines to accommodate this workload, increasing throughput and reduce latency.

To learn more about NuoDB, watch the extended demo video to see how NuoDB brings you the benefits of cloud deployments and elastic scalability, without sacrificing the requirements of business critical, operational workloads.

To see the full demo go to, or you can download the NuoDB Community Edition at

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