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NuoDB in 90 seconds

Learn about NuoDB - a scale-out SQL database built to scale elastically in the cloud, across clouds, in the datacenter... anywhere.

Video transcript: 

If you’re a developer, here’s what scaling your database looks like today. Build an awesome app, get users excited, and then scale as fast as you can. That's where you run into trouble because if you need to add performance and reliability, you've only got two choices: Pay top dollar to scale your high end SQL database with a bunch of expensive machines and really scary workarounds, or recode your whole app to work on some light-weight database.

You can’t afford to sacrifice performance or reliability. But what do you do when your only choices are a fragile complex system and an oversimplified solution that doesn’t quite get the job done? What if you had a third option? What if you had a powerful SQL database that worked in the cloud without any complex workarounds?

Well, that’s what NuoDB is. A brand new database architecture built for developers like you. To scale elastically in the cloud or on your in-house servers.

NuoDB started from scratch and we built a powerful database for the way your app, well any app, needs to scale today - out and in at a moment’s notice. And since its architecture is decentralized, your app won’t have a single point of failure.

So, you need to scale-out? Add more nodes. Scale back in? Delete some nodes - any nodes, even the first one you created. NuoDB is unlike any database you’ve ever seen and it makes scaling today’s businesses simple.

Stop choosing between compromise and costly complexity. Download NuoDB today and see how easy it is to scale your database.