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The Database Migration Process

Alfa co-CTA, Tim Gage, discusses how to migrate off of your traditional relational database and on to NuoDB.

Video transcript: 

"How difficult was it to migrate off of your traditional relational database and on to NuoDB?”

Tim Gage: We built the system to be agnostic of the databases underneath it. And the way we do that is we have an abstraction layer between us and the database. We actually use Hibernate for a lot of the internal modeling and queries. And that takes away a lot of the complexity.

We’ve got a SQL model that we can use. We’ve basically got a SQL DSL you can write that you want to -- if a select statement, it selects these fields, and then at runtime we can then translate that using the dialect into a SQL statement that will run on the target database in question. So that was the piece that we had to do, the piece that we had to write in order for us to have support for NuoDB from our product. So I guess in terms of what -- the question of what sort of schema and index changes -- the overall schema and index changes were -- the schema and index is the same, right? We have -- we basically had to, just had to map from types on other systems and choose -- for every type in our model, we have to choose a type on the target platform.

And NuoDB has types that match the -- support all the things we needed. There basically, from sort of an abstraction layer point of view, the schema that we’ve got and the indexes that are present in the database are exactly the same as they are on any of our other platforms.