Success Stories

For our customers, NuoDB represents a new world - the ability to build and deploy applications that aren't constrained by the limitations of their databases. Find out why these customers, our investors, media, and analysts see NuoDB as a revolution.


NuoDB enables us to further increase our value to our customers by minimizing application response times, ensuring application availability, and lowering infrastructure costs - by as much as 90% in some cases.”

–  Tim Gage, Head of R&D, Alfa



NuoDB enables us to maintain our SQL interface and preserve ACID compliance, while achieving the elastic scale and continuous availability we need.”

–  Toan Truong, Lead Systems Engineer, Movemedical



"NuoDB offers another economic advantage - less wasted processing capacity... NuoDB also offers the ability to expand with cheaper machines and it charges less for its software....over time, NuoDB appears to offer a compelling value proposition to incumbents’ customers."

– Peter Cohan, Forbes


NuoDB is at the forefront of a wave of SQL database innovation, providing customers such as ourselves with the flexible, scalable database foundation we need to keep pace with the demands of today’s business environment."

Dassault Systèmes




NuoDB was the best database to support our need for scaling up our distributed network to meet demand requirements while maintaining transactional consistency and integrity.”

– Bruce Lawler, Co-founder & Chief Product Officer, Kodiak





Given its focus on cloud applications, NuoDB provides us with the perfect combination of traditional relational databases and NoSQL databases. We not only get a database that can maintain exceptionally high availability, we also can easily (and cost-effectively) add capacity when we need it without compromising on transactional consistency or data durability."

– Walid Darwish, Co-founder & CTO  CauseSquare



UAE Exchange

One of the critical elements for us was NuoDB’s ability to scale – out/in on demand based on the application load. The ability to work across multiple data centers, ease of provisioning interfaces, and security out-of-the-box have all impressed us.”

– Jayakumar Vijayan, Senior IT Manager, UAE Exchange

Gartner, Inc.

Through 2019, 70% of new projects requiring scale-out elasticity, distributed processing and hybrid cloud capabilities for relational applications, as well as multi-data-center transactional consistency, will prefer an emerging RDBMS over a traditional RDBMS.”

Source: Gartner, “Critical Capabilities for Operational Database Management Systems," 9 December 2015,
Merv Adrian, Donald Feinberg, Nick Heudecker, Adam M. Ronthal, Terilyn Palanca



Dassault Systèmes

This investment demonstrates our strong interest and belief in NuoDB’s strategy and technologies for next-generation, cloud-based services. NuoDB delivers a lot of the features required to address the market needs in terms of usages in the new world of experiences."

– Dominique Florack,
Senior Executive Vice President, R & D,
Dassault Systèmes




NuoDB’s SQL database is the most cost-effective and flexible database for our needs because it scales to meet the requirements of an on-demand world and our growing business. NuoDB gives me one less thing to worry about so I can focus on helping my team build out our application for wide adoption.”

– Stephen Jazdzewski, Lead Developer, WO On Demand, WideOrbit



451 Research

"Most [scale out databases] provide only ‘SQL-like’ capabilities. NuoDB’s support of ANSI-SQL standards and ACID compliance can be valuable, especially for organizations seeking on-demand scale across multiple data centers."

– Jason Stamper, Analyst,
451 Research


NuoDB’s technology solves a problem that many industry veterans long considered to be the Holy Grail:
run a database on multiple servers.”

– Andrew Nusca, Fortune



The Bloor Group

NuoDB’s automation, resiliency, and disaster recovery features combined with its advanced distributed architecture means that it can easily be configured to deliver continuous availability. Many vendors talk about high availability, but few can leap the bar of continuous availability."

– Robin Bloor, Chief Analyst,
The Bloor Group




As an Internet Of Things platform, we were specifically looking for a database that could not only scale but also provide all the best properties of SQL and ACID. NuoDB has delivered for us.”

– Artur Denysenko, Founder, GadgetKeeper




NuoDB enables us to dynamically scale our high-velocity gaming platform to match the peaks and valleys of user demand. We looked at all of our options, including well-established, traditional databases such as Oracle, but couldn’t find anyone else that could provide the elasticity NuoDB delivers.”

– Akos Rejna, Senior Server-Side Engineer, MatchMe

Information Management

Customers praised the HA/DR functionality of NuoDB (it received one of the highest customer reference scores for this). The scores for ease of programming and ease of doing business were among the highest. "

Source: Information Management, “Operational Database Management (Gartner Magic Quadrant) – The Niche Players"




With NuoDB, a company can scale out — meaning that it can inexpensively expand and contract its processing power through the cloud and have much less waste.”

– Mitchell Kertzman, Hummer Winblad, former CEO of Sybase



We were looking for a cloud solution that would help us scale globally, and found NuoDB to be that solution."

– James Scanlan, Chief Operating Officer, SyncUp




NuoDB has the solution that will dominate the cloud database market for the next few decades in a manner similar to how Oracle, Informix, Ingres and Sybase dominated RDBMS in the previous era.”

– Roger Sippl, founder, Informix