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NuoDB Product Data Sheet

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Data is the lifeblood of any modern application. Your application’s usefulness and success relies on consistent access to accurate data via uninterrupted services. Software development organizations today face difficult tradeoffs when it comes to the database to support these applications:database types

  • Traditional relational databases provide familiar SQL data access and ACID transaction guarantees needed for operational applications, but are costly, time consuming, and complex to scale-out due to their inflexible monolithic architectures.
  • NoSQL databases bring the elastic scalability cloud applications require, but sacrifice data consistency and durability, and force developers to add data management code to applications.
  • Cloud providers’ databases lock the customer into a single framework that limits availability and reduces technical flexibility.
  • “NewSQL” databases typically fulfill a narrow set of use cases, sacrificing migration friendliness, durability, and high availability.



NuoDB’s elastic SQL database combines the scale-out simplicity, elasticity, and continuous availability that modern applications require with the transactional consistency and durability that databases of record demand.

Designed to handle dynamic operational workloads, NuoDB’s distributed network of process nodes operate and appear as a single logical database, giving you the ability to: 

elastic scaleElastically scale out and back in, without interruption to application services.
With NuoDB, seamlessly add or delete nodes to handle predicted or unpredictable usage spikes and then return to normal workload without any application changes, pre-provisioning hardware, or migration downtime.

continuous availabilityProvide continuous availability and active-active capabilities for your applications.
NuoDB’s peer-to-peer approach maximizes resource utilization and delivers resiliency against unexpected process, system, and datacenter failures or planned upgrades and maintenance without any application downtime.

cloudSupport hybrid cloud environments.
Deploy NuoDB across multiple platforms (physical, virtual, and containers) and environments (on-premises, multiple datacenters, multiple clouds, hybrid cloud) to easily on-ramp to the cloud, protect against cloud outages, and use a single system of record for applications in multiple locations.



architecture in practice

NuoDB appears as a single, logical, SQL database, while under the hood, it separates database compute and storage processes into a two-layer, distributed, peer-topeer architecture. Process nodes can be deployed across multiple data centers and are optimized for in-memory speeds, continuous availability, and elastic scale-out.

Developers can focus on designing great applications instead of worrying about scale out complexity related to dynamic operational workloads. Database operators can scale out the database to accommodate dynamic workloads and not worry about adverse consequences to the application. NuoDB allows both developers and operations to focus on truly maximizing performance of both the application and the database, independently.


NuoDB makes migration from traditional databases to the cloud a straightforward process by supporting full ANSI SQL, a relational data model, and ACID transactions. NuoDB customers often migrate their applications, themselves, within weeks.


Our customers rely on NuoDB’s distributed SQL database to minimize compromise, complexity, and costs.

But don’t take our word for it. Take theirs:

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NuoDB saves our clients considerable sums in database license fees – as much as 90% in some cases – while improving customer satisfaction.”


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NuoDB received one of the highest customer reference scores for its high availability and disaster recovery functionality."

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For customers seeking a database that meets both today's needs and tomorrow's expectations,
NuoDB delivers a new architectural approach that addresses the shortcomings of traditional databases.

We know this page has only given you a taste for how we do things, so if you’re interested in learning more:


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