Getting Started with NuoDB

Developers rely on NuoDB’s elastic SQL database because of its unique ability to maintain transactional integrity through strict consistency and durability guarantees while also making it simple to scale in and out on demand. This elasticity also provides a unique and automatic resilience, while still providing standard database interfaces and operations.

Join this webinar for help on getting started with NuoDB. Solutions Architect Boris Bulanov will walk through installing and creating a NuoDB database and will also showcase some of NuoDB's unique advantages such as scale-out and automated resilience. We'll conclude with a short Q&A.

While this webinar will showcase NuoDB's Community Edition, it will be helpful for anyone just getting started with NuoDB. NuoDB Community Edition offers developers a robust and free database on which they can prototype and not have to worry about the risk of migration once their application gains traction.

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On-Demand webinar