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NuoDB Pricing & Editions

fully redundant database with scale out optionsDatabase license costs run the gamut from free to exorbitant and everywhere in between. So we understand why you need to see how NuoDB is priced and whether it'll fit into your budget. We believe we have an option for every situation.

But you can't blame us for reminding you that database license costs are only a small part of the overall picture. Check out our Database ROI page to understand how your choice of database can affect your top and bottom line - from infrastructure and application development costs to new market opportunities and competitive advantage. There you can also find our license cost calculator which will help you compare NuoDB license costs against Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle for enterprise deployments.

Production pricing below is based on a fully redundant database configuration, which includes two Transaction Engines (for transaction processing) and two Storage Managers (for durability).



Professional Edition*

Enterprise Edition

Production license cost

(Annual cost for 5-year commitment)


Starts at $9,600 / year (for fully redundant database)

Starts at $48,000 / year (for fully redundant database)

Who / what it's for

Early-stage development

Low-volume, non-critical applications 

Small- to mid-sized applications with growth expectations within a single data center

Large-scale or enterprise applications that require active-passive or active-active configurations across multiple Availability Zones


3 Transaction Engines

1 Storage Manager

500 GB 

Single data center

32 GB memory per Engine



Support through the KnowledgeBase only

Standard support included in subscription

24x7 premium support available for upgrade 

Standard support included in subscription

24x7 premium support available for upgrade 

How Do I
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Contact Sales

Contact Sales

This table is based on NuoDB's per Engine pricing, which is typically used in single database scenarios. For organizations wishing to deploy multiple databases, we also offer per Host pricing, which may be a more economical way to maximize your infrastructure resources. Organizations expecting to scale in and out due to periodically high volumes (e.g. seasonal volumes) can inquire about our Peak Load ("bursting") pricing options for elastic scale configurations. Volume discounting also available.

* Professional Edition pricing based on 4-core machines. A fully redundant database based on 16-core machines starts at $32,000/year for a five-year commitment.


...NuoDB increase(s) our value to our customers by minimizing application response times, ensuring application availability, and lowering infrastructure costs - by as much as 90% in some cases.

— Tim Gage, Head of Research and Development, Alfa

test drive 

We’re different than any database you’ve ever seen. This guided technical demo uses Docker containers to give you hands-on experience with:

  • Installing and starting a NuoDB database
  • Running across multiple Docker containers
  • Scaling by adding more virtual hosts

…all while keeping the database up and running - even when processes fail.

Test drive NuoDB

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