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Evaluate NuoDB

By now you’ve probably heard plenty about what we think we can do. Now it’s time to find out for yourself.

We provide you four different ways to evaluate NuoDB based on your preferences and requirements.

Our opinion? We think you should start with the NuoDB Test Drive. It’s the fastest, easiest way to understand what we do and why we’re different. But hey, that’s just our opinion.

If you are already familiar with the basic concepts of NuoDB, check out our Self-Evaluation Guide to test NuoDB performance.

The choice is yours.


Test Drive

Community Edition


Proof of Concept

What It Shows

Elastic scale
(out and in)

Resiliency /
Continuous Availability

Docker deployment

NuoDB in:
Your environment
Your data
Your workloads

Elastic scale
Transaction-level resiliency

NuoDB in:
Your environment
Your data
Your workloads

Elastic scale
Full redundancy

Confirms (or eliminates) NuoDB as the right database for a specific project


Available only on Linux

Follows pre-defined,
guided course

No user-defined
evaluation option

Linux or Windows

3 Transaction Engines
1 Storage Manager

Linux or Windows

Single data center

5 Transaction Engines
2 Storage Managers

Based on customer requirements

Time Restrictions


Free forever

30 days

30-90 days

How Do I
Get It?



Request Trial

Request PoC 




We get it. Sometimes, you just want to get your hands directly on the product to see what it can do.

  • Maybe you’re a start-up developing a new app, and you need a database that can grow with you.
  • Or you’ve got a big project in mind, but you want to see how the product works in your own environment before you talk to us.
  • Or maybe you just want to educate yourself on a different kind of database.

Whatever your reasons for downloading, NuoDB Community Edition is yours. Forever.  


Download now


NuoDB's distributed cache architecture represents a new style of schema for storing data in the database. It's a must-try for anyone looking for a better database experience."

– Teji Singh

test drive 

We’re different than any database you’ve ever seen. This guided technical demo uses Docker containers to give you hands-on experience with:

  • Installing and starting a NuoDB database
  • Running across multiple Docker containers
  • Scaling by adding more virtual hosts

…all while keeping the database up and running - even when processes fail.

Test drive NuoDB

When you're developing a commercial SaaS application, you want a database that can deliver elasticity and automation. NuoDB's flexible distributed database is a powerful and interesting alternative to traditional SQL databases."

– William O'Keefe, an early user of NuoDB Community Edition, Frenel Solutions

How can we help?



We are here to help.

Contact us, and we’ll talk through your requirements to help you decide which evaluation option is right for your needs.