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What Is NuoDB?

NuoDB is a technologically advanced, distributed SQL database for cloud- and container-based environments.

From inception, NuoDB’s architecture was designed to natively deliver FIVE CORE REQUIREMENTS:

  1. Scale-out by adding more computers and scale-in gracefully when machines are yanked out

  2. Always Available: never needs to be shut down

  3. Hardware and software fault tolerant

  4. Multi-site operation for business continuity

  5. Automatic load balancing

With NuoDB, you can adjust database size and performance on demand - across data centers or clouds - without sacrificing data integrity, transactional consistency, or the standards-based SQL interface your developers already know.


Traditional relational databases were designed for a client-server era, not the distributed, cloud- and container-based environment we need today. Even so-called “cloud” relational databases are either just traditional databases hosted in the cloud or built on traditional database architectures.

Unlike these monolithic architectures, NuoDB’s patented, distributed approach to database architecture delivers cost savings, availability, and on-demand scale while keeping the rich SQL interface and strict transactional consistency databases of record demand.

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Elastic Scalability

With NuoDB’s peer-to-peer architecture, scaling is as easy as adding a node. As a new machine is added, its resources are made available to share the workload. When transaction volume decreases, resources can be easily shed from the database to conserve costs and improve utilization.

Scale-Out Performance On-Demand

Zero Downtime

NuoDB automates redundancy to ensure that when processes, hosts, even whole data centers fail or are taken down that database availability is not impacted and strict consistency is maintained. The affected workload easily gets reabsorbed by the rest of the available (and still running) processes.

Continuous Availability

& Hybrid Cloud

NuoDB natively supports active-active deployment - both read and write workloads - across up to three data centers and even across hybrid or multi-cloud environments. This capability (which varies based on latency and workload requirements) improves customer performance and ensures independence from any single cloud vendor.

Active-Active Database

Our partnership with NuoDB is strategic and strengthens our commitment to ensuring that our banking clients running Temenos software benefit from scale-out simplicity, elasticity, and continuous availability and that they can ultimately maximize the benefits of their shift to the cloud.

Max Chuard, Chief Executive Officer

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NuoDB’s distributed SQL database appears as a single, logical SQL database to the application, making it easy for you to develop against. Unlike traditional monolithic databases, however, NuoDB separates - and can independently scale - transaction processing and storage management.

network diagram


This two-layer, peer-to-peer architecture retains strict transactional consistency and can be deployed across multiple data centers (even different clouds!) and is optimized for in-memory speeds, continuous availability, and elastic scale-out.

TE iconTransaction Engines (TEs): The transaction processing layer is made up of in-memory process nodes that coordinate with each other and the storage management layer. Nodes can be easily added or removed to align with transaction volume.

SM iconStorage Managers (SMs): The storage management layer consists of process nodes that have both in-memory and on-disk storage components. SMs provide on-disk data durability guarantees, and multiple SMs can be used to increase data redundancy.


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  • On-Demand Scale Out

    Easily add scale-out compute or redundant storage for local latency and resilience to meet temporary or long-term demand, without stopping database services or pre-provisioning

  • On-Demand Scale In

    Align resources with demand by scaling back down after seasonal or situational peaks, freeing up compute and storage power for other needs

  • Flexible, Hybrid Deployment

    Run NuoDB in your environment(s) of choice: on-premises, in containers like Docker, in one or more clouds, or in a hybrid cloud deployment

  • Zero Downtime

    Withstand failure at all levels - of a process, of a host, or of a data center - while maintaining application availability. Conduct rolling hardware or software upgrades without downtime

  • Commodity Hardware

    Reduce costs by deploying on commodity hardware, or dedicate bigger hardware to memory-intensive workloads while using lower cost machines for simpler transaction processing



    Easily migrate existing applications and exploit robust SQL ecosystem with NuoDB’s rich, ANSI-standard SQL support

  • ACID Compliance

    Confidently use NuoDB as a database of record that preserves ACID semantics including strict transactional consistency, and also provides tunable durability options

  • Stored Procedures

    Migrate existing application code easily using in-database processing for improved performance using standard SQL and also Java stored procedures

  • Complex Joins

    Perform sub-queries, joins with complex conditions, outer and inner joins, and other complex joins with ease


  • Active-Active

    Maximize all resources across multiple close-proximity data centers or AWS Availability Zones. Minimize application and client latencies through automated data locality.

    Disaster Recovery

    Reduce recovery time objective (RTO) and improve recovery point objective (RPO) with NuoDB’s automated redundancy and inherent support for warm standby, hot standby, and active-active configurations

    Automated Performance Balancing

    In-memory caches automatically adjust for optimal workload performance based on access patterns without sharding the database

  • Memory-Centric

    Use NuoDB’s memory-centric architecture to achieve in-memory performance and make optimizations around storage, redundancy, replication, and more without worrying about disk I/O limitations

  • API-Driven Administration

    Define service-level agreements based on policies. Easily integrate existing policy management and cloud orchestration tools through a robust REST interface


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