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Database built for distributed deployments - still SQL

Navigating a complex regulatory landscape can be a significant challenge for financial institutions striving to focus on delivering customer service and creating innovative new solutions while improving profitability.  Legacy relational databases can’t meet the requirements of real-time risk management and regulatory compliance.


  • Adapting to digital disruption in the financial services industry.
  • Avoiding regulatory fines as governments impose new regulations.
  • Achieving enterprise compliance risk management.

Benefits of NuoDB

  • Capturing and validating monetary transactions to build automated investigative processes, alarms, and auditing procedures.
  • Scaling out data selectively to cope with large data volumes and provide interactive responses to risk.
  • Offering a memory grid and database together to provide multiple weekly reports to regulators dealing with liquidity, exposure, valuations, and more.

Leading organizations are turning to distributed SQL databases, such as NuoDB, to give themselves a foundational capability that will power their modernization efforts.

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