NuoDB Use Cases & Capabilities

NuoDB uniquely combines the critical requirements of the on-demand economy – elastic scalability, application resilience, disaster recovery, and cloud support – with a strict approach to maintaining the integrity of valuable data. Every day, our customers use NuoDB to support their customers' on-demand requirements. Whether you need to migrate an on-premises application to the cloud, develop a new cloud application, or modernize an existing one – we can show you how our customers are doing it with NuoDB.

Learn how that combination delivers high-value to organizations across multiple industries.

Application Migration to the Cloud

Today, every software company needs to think about providing software as a service. But migrating on-premises applications to the cloud brings application-level changes, service level agreements (SLAs), new infrastructure costs, and an upside-down cash flow model. When you need to simplify migration, lower costs, and reduce risk, turn to NuoDB.

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Build New Cloud Applications

When you're building a new cloud application, you need to think about more than just getting it up and running - you also want to consider how you can scale and grow long term. NuoDB's distributed SQL database aligns application and database costs to your application adoption without sacrificing future growth.

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Modernize Cloud Applications

Low-cost databases may make sense for cloud applications under development, but they can weigh you down when usage picks up. When you need to scale-out, provide disaster recovery or continuous availability, or reduce the data management burden on your application logic, you need NuoDB. 

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NuoDB capabilities

Sometimes, your business strategy demands that you meet certain requirements - no matter what. When you need a database that can meet the needs of today’s always-on, virtualized world, you can rely on NuoDB to deliver.

Elastic Scalability

Whether you’re planning for long-term growth or seasonal peaks, NuoDB enables you to easily and quickly add more capacity on demand without disruption or pre-provisioning - while still maintaining strict ACID semantics.

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Continuous Availability

NuoDB’s automated redundancy and peer-to-peer architecture means that processes, hosts, even whole data centers can go down - voluntarily or through failure – without impacting database availability or putting durability and consistency at risk.

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Active-Active Operations

If performance and availability are important measures of your application’s success, an active-active architecture can seem unattainable. It's not. NuoDB preserves ACID compliance even across data centers, but without the infrastructure complexity and additional licensing costs of other solutions.

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Hybrid Workloads

The ability to configure in-memory peers independently of each other enables NuoDB to support mixed read/write workload scenarios. One logical database can support a set of peers focused on transactional processing, as well as another set of peers configured to execute long-lived analytical queries without blocking the ongoing operational workloads.

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Hybrid Cloud

NuoDB supports global operations in hybrid cloud environments. A single, logical NuoDB database can run on a mix of on-premise, private cloud, and public cloud services, and across mixed commodity hardware (server, storage, network) environments.

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Data Residency

Data globalization has led to the rapid rise of rules and legislation requiring sensitive data to remain resident within a particular country’s domain. NuoDB’s ability to partition data into storage groups ensures that it is stored on disk in a dedicated locale.