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Elastic Scalability

Capacity to meet your demands

Creating and capitalizing on opportunities is the hallmark of a successful business. When customer demand spikes due to unanticipated popularity or seasonal swings, you can’t afford for your application to crash or start lagging under the pressure.

That’s why - if you want to maintain application responsiveness and availability - you need to architect for scale. It’s relatively simple to add application servers and even storage for scaling, but the database has historically been the least scalable component in application architectures - it’s no wonder that the words “scaling the database” can be the stuff of nightmares.

Scaling a traditional relational database requires expensive pre-provisioning, risky rip and replace procedures, sharding, or complicated clustering strategies.

But turning to NoSQL means adding even more development burden on your application team - potentially requiring substantial rewrites to the application to incorporate data management logic now abandoned by the database.

Our customers turn to NuoDB for a simple approach to scale out. 

Learn about the financial impact of database selection in our Solution Brief

How We Do It

NuoDB was built with the cloud, scale out, and distributed systems in mind.

By separating the application, database services, and storage layers, NuoDB not only makes it easy to scale-out each layer, but also to optimize performance of each independently.

We accomplish this by:

  • Presenting to the application a single, logical view of the database. NuoDB’s standards-based SQL interface and ACID guarantees make it simple and straightforward for applications to access the database.
  • Using a distributed network of peers comprising two types of peers that can be scaled independently of each other:
    • “Transaction Engines” that use an in-memory caching layer to provide fast data access to the application. Transaction Engines can be easily added or removed for scale out or in based on application performance requirements.
    • “Storage Managers” designed to ensure the durability of the data and provide fast read/write throughput. Storage Managers can also be easily added or removed for scale out or in for either improved performance or increased durability.
  • ​Using multi-version concurrency control (MVCC) to handle conflict, coordinate read / write access to the system, and provide a clear model for consistency
  • Supporting storage groups to scale I/O throughput


Watch how easily NuoDB can improve database performance by scaling elastically, on demand, while maintaining full ACID compliance.




Simplified Development

Develop better features

by focusing on application code

Your developers should be building applications your customers will love - not coding for data management, sharding, or replication strategies. With NuoDB, your database operators can focus on maximizing performance of the database, while your developers focus on building great applications - independently.


Grow Business
grow your business

without technical limitations

When you grow faster than planned, database limitations can throttle performance and inhibit your ability to rapidly innovate. That’s lost revenue. With NuoDB, you can quickly scale to meet application volume without impacting your application code and rapidly iterate your application with a familiar SQL API.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership


By matching resources with demand

Stop spending money on costly custom hardware, exorbitant license fees, and over-provisioned capacity you’ll need “some day.” With NuoDB, you can use existing or commodity hardware to add capacity just in time for growing or seasonal volume - and release resources if volume decreases.


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