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NuoDB for Developing New Cloud Applications


The cloud and its pay-as-you-go pricing has taken a lot of the risk out of developing and commercializing a new application. Today’s out-of-pocket costs don’t have the high overhead of expensive, pre-provisioned servers and network bandwidth - instead, your costs are directly in line with application adoption.

Except when it comes to the database. Traditional relational databases can consume 50-60 percent or more of your online application budget. That’s why so many young applications are built on top of open source databases. But developing on top of an open source database can confine you to their limitations and put a hold on how fast you can grow - whether it’s limiting your ability to scale out, adding data management complexity to your application logic, or making disaster recovery expensive or even impossible to manage.

One of our customers told us once: “Database divorce is hard.” Application migration from one database to another can be risky, time-consuming, and costly.

By building on NuoDB’s distributed SQL database from the start, you can maintain a low total cost of ownership that aligns with your application adoption without sacrificing your future growth.


Elastic Scale


for fluctuating growth

NuoDB's simple and elastic scaling means you add capacity only when you need it - and let go of it when you don't. No pre-provisioning, over-provisioning, sharding, or complex redundancy. And completely transparent to the application.

Continuous Availability


your users demand

In the competitive world of SaaS apps, downtime can make or break your success. NuoDB's peer-to-peer architecture can absorb failures, outages and rolling upgrades, all while staying up and running.

 Learn more in the “Continuous Availability in NuoDB” white paper!

Lower Total Cost of Ownership



Upfront costs can dramatically increase the time to profitability for new applications. NuoDB’s elastic scaling and the familiarity of SQL means you minimize both ongoing and development costs, while automated redundancy and disaster recovery keeps infrastructure simple and hardware utilization high.


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