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  • Last week, at our regular Thursday wine & cheese, we had a little celebration . January marked 5 years for me at NuoDB and March 14 was the five year anniversary for my awesome colleague Oleg . It's pretty amazing to think back on everything we've done. In our industry, five years is a long time.

    Of course if you go back another five years from March 14, we're also celebrating 10...Read more

  • We’re very happy to announce the General Availability of NuoDB Cranes Release 2.4. NuoDB Cranes delivers important new Enterprise capabilities, expands NuoDB’s SQL support, streamlines database administration with advanced management capabilities.

    Cranes continues the trajectory of previous releases with continual improvements in performance, reliability, and ease of...Read more

  • Docker is a perfect fit for demonstrating the strength of our product in a simple and foolproof manner because we can wrap up everything we need in a NuoDB host and recreate it in a 100% repeatable fashion. With the requirement that the customer run Linux and have Docker installed, we could easily set up a tour of NuoDB so that it was a very robust environment.

    I...Read more

  • Every release, NuoDB gets easier to use, and release 2.3 has added a preview feature that promises to make the life of a systems administrator much easier: hot copy. (The use of preview features is encouraged in development projects but not yet supported in deployments.)

    Hot copy uses one of the existing Storage Managers (SM) or Snapshot Storage Managers (SSM) to create a...Read more