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NuoDB Signs South African Reseller

Partnering with South African firm, BITanium, NuoDB to serve burgeoning database demand

Cambridge, MA, USA – February 18, 2015 – Today, NuoDB, Inc., a leader in scale-out SQL database technology, and BITanium, a leading South African consulting firm of Woodmead, South Africa, announced an agreement between the two companies.

The distribution agreement calls for BITanium to bring NuoDB’s scale out SQL database for the cloud and modern datacenters to its enterprise client base.

BITanium is a top consultancy delivering state-of-the-art business intelligence, analytics and enterprise database solutions for South African businesses. With this agreement, NuoDB enables BITanimum to extend its solutions portfolio to include high-performance operational processing, cloud database and SaaS solutions for its clients.

Economic growth, cloud adoption and analytics trends lead to alliance

As the enterprise and application vendors become increasingly reliant on the cloud, the need for databases to scale elastically and ensure continuous availability has never been as critical. A simple database outage can bring a multibillion company to a standstill within seconds.

Globally, IT executives, Chief Technology Officers and enterprise architects recognize this and are looking for ways to reduce risk, standardize their approaches to improving critical infrastructure, maximizing the value of their data, and streamlining application deployments across multiple geographies. 

Big Data analytics has tended to focus on discovery - essentially putting together data lakes and pointing Hadoop at them. However, the reality of many data-driven businesses is a need for real-time operational intelligence and optimization on very recent data.

All these dynamics are in play in South Africa as adoption of next-generation IT solutions like the cloud are just starting to burgeon.

Supporting quotes

“2015 will see South Africa's economy on the rebound,” stated Barry Morris, NuoDB President, CEO and South African native. “Information technology improvements will play a critical role in areas such as payments processing, financial services, analytical initiatives, social networking and mobility.”

“We have partnered with BITanium to couple their extensive experience with enterprise data management platforms, consulting, training and their well-established African customer base, to capitalize on these trends. South Africa is very receptive to technology innovations like NuoDB to build their potential for continued growth in the cloud. BITanium is well situated to jumpstart NuoDB in the South African market.

“As the demand for cloud-enabled solutions grow, it’s essential we partner with innovative industry leaders to supply best-in-class technology. With our proven track record in providing world-class data management solutions, BITanium is the ideal distribution partner for NuoDB to expand the reach of their software in South Africa and the continent,” said Chris O’Connell, Managing Director of BITanium.

About BITanium

BITanium was born out of a passion for delivering value to all stakeholders in the data management and business intelligence chain. Organizations often require assistance from outside vendors due to limited in-house resources or due to a lack of specialist skills in a certain area. For this reason, BITanium’s skillset comprises a variety of knowledge and consulting expertise. The company offers various levels of engagement with clients, from collaboration on short-term projects to permanent outsourced consulting.

About NuoDB

NuoDB was launched in 2010 by industry-renowned database architect Jim Starkey and accomplished software CEO Barry Morris to deliver a scale-out SQL database management system designed for the modern datacenter.

Used by more than 18,000 developers worldwide, NuoDB’s customers include Europe’s second largest ISV, Dassault Systèmes, Kodiak Networks, and many other innovative organizations. NuoDB is cited positively for the second consecutive year on the industry’s leading operational database management systems analysis.

NuoDB is headquartered in Cambridge, MA, USA.