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NuoDB CEO to Keynote at EnterConf, Belfast, U.K.

Serial entrepreneur Barry Morris discusses what businesses must do to power the ‘Now’ economy 

The ‘I-Want-it-Now’ economy is here to stay. Disruptive technologies like mobile transactions are the new way of life. Slow and faulty mobile apps are abandoned in droves.

An industry report predicts the global mobile payment transactions volume will reach more than $721 billion in 2017. Another survey revealed that mobile users will abandon their apps if it takes more than six seconds to launch.

So what does all this mean for businesses?

Come hear CEO Barry Morris discuss what companies must do to embrace the ‘Now’ economy and reinvent the business. He’ll also share tips on building the infrastructure and ecosystems that support real-time global operations – designed to propel organizations into category leaders, efficiently and effectively.  


WHAT:                       Keynote: The “Now” Economy Driving Business Innovation

WHO:                         Barry Morris, CEO and Co-founder, NuoDB, Inc.

WHEN:                       June 18, 2015, 3:00 pm IST           

WHERE:                     EnterConf, T13 HUB, Belfast, U.K.