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Our Partners

We certify, validate, and integrate with our trusted partners to deploy joint solutions to customers that need a transactionally consistent SQL database for their modern data centers.

Red Hat Partner Logo
NuoDB has achieved Red Hat container certification and is supportable for use with Red Hat OpenShift, Red Hat Enterprise Linux and the Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform. NuoDB also partners with Red Hat around joint business for field and marketing engagement.

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temenos logo

Temenos and NuoDB have been at the forefront of cloud innovation and this partnership will make it significantly easier for banks to migrate critical applications to the cloud while maintaining their end-user experience and benefiting from significant operational cost savings.

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amazon partner logo
NuoDB runs on Amazon Web Services, as well as supports AWS as part of a hybrid cloud or multi-cloud deployment. NuoDB supports deployment across up to three Availability Zones.

Microsoft partner logo
NuoDB runs on the Microsoft Azure Platform, as well as supports Microsoft Azure as part of a hybrid cloud or multi-cloud deployment.

Google Partner Logo
NuoDB runs on the Google Cloud Platform, as well as supports Google Cloud as part of a hybrid cloud or multi-cloud deployment. NuoDB supports deployment across up to three zones.

docker partner logo
NuoDB runs in Docker containers in a number of different configurations.

naya technologies logo
NAYA Tech is a trusted NuoDB reseller and implementation partner. NAYA brings to NuoDB customers their expert staff of data management professionals to ensures customers have access to skilled consultants trained on NuoDB, while also extending NuoDB’s reach through NAYA’s extensive network.

DB Vis Partner Logo
NuoDB has been tested and verified with DBVisualizer, so developers, DBAs, and analysts can easily manage NuoDB objects, control actions and procedures, analyze queries and more.

Having a database designed to operate smoothly within a Red Hat OpenShift environment while still maintaining data persistence and strict transactional consistency is important for many of our customers. We’re excited to provide this as an option to our customers."

- Julio Tapia, director, OpenShift ecosystem, Red Hat


Why Partner With NuoDB?

technical benefits

Technical benefits

NuoDB works closely with partners on solution development, including performance validation, certification, and product-based technical integration to ensure customers can maximize the benefits of moving to cloud and containerized environments.


Lower Cost

Sales benefits

Customers struggle to find a cloud-friendly, SQL database that preserves strict consistency. With NuoDB, you offer a differentiated solution that reduces development and implementation time, while capitalizing on NuoDB's technical sales expertise.

marketing benefits

Marketing Benefits

NuoDB works closely with our partners to develop solution-based sales and marketing materials, co-organize events, and conduct joint demand generation activities. 


interested in partnering?

Explore partnership opportunities and add an elastic SQL database to your repertoire.

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