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What It Means to be a Cloud-Native Database

Today’s digital era has turned every company into a software company.

No matter the industry – telco, financial services, medical devices – how companies create products and services, address customers, and compete in the global market depends on the applications used to get things done.

Applications have quite simply become the lifeblood of business. Without them customers defect, transactions halt, and profits plummet. To avoid that fate, organizations must accelerate application delivery.

Containers  -- and close friend microservices -- have emerged as a way to get it done and deliver much needed application agility to propel digital transformation projects forward.

Containers can help organizations decouple applications, bring ideas to market more quickly, more easily perform changes and upgrades, and leverage lower cost infrastructure and operating models...”

-- Deloitte Consulting

Drop (the) Anchor on Application Modernization

In the face of an increasingly dynamic set of customers needs and competitive threats, modern application infrastructure – containers and microservices included – can no longer be beholden to databases that demand data gravity.

Quite the opposite, these applications require something databases historically cannot deliver – flexibility.

Traditional database architectures are guilty of anchoring both data and applications, forcing organizations to contend with heavyweight processes and development models.

You know the kind; those that eschew elasticity and agility in favor of “this is how we’ve always done it.”

Monolithic relational databases simply weren’t meant to scale dynamically and can’t deliver the agility businesses and applications need now.

NoSQL databases offer scale, but force existing applications to go through a redesign process that is not only time intensive but expensive and risky, requiring new technology training and support.

What it means to be a Cloud native database


Companies need a database that was built to handle the demands of modern business and modern architectures.

A cloud native database is a flexible, distributed system that delivers the benefits of a typical SQL database  - transactional consistency and ACID compliance - and yet is built to address the data and application demands of an agile, rapid development container environment.


  • Agility

  • Scalability

  • Durability 

  • Consistency

Stop placating your applications with tradeoffs

When it comes to running your database in a container environment options abound, but most come with steep concessions:

  1. Run your database outside of a container, but you’d still have to rely on your DBAs to provision and setup the databases, which creates less developer agility, not more
  2. Add a data cache in a container, but you’d have to manage all that complexity to ensure data consistency across not one, but two data sets
  3. Use a NoSQL database, but the applications would need to add data consistency and transactional logic
  4. Attempt to “lift and shift” your traditional database system into a container and use a container management system to orchestrate the whole thing, but you’d still be left with a brittle system that struggles to manage an active-active environment at best and at worst leverages technology developed before the words “cloud,” “container,” or “scalability” mattered
  5. Deploy a database that was built to play nice with agile container architectures, leverages a distributed system to manage data while still providing performance and lower operating costs (we think it’s really the only option)

NuoDB: The cloud-native database

Built from inception as a distributed database, NuoDB can deliver the agility and scale out performance required to make rapid deployment with containers possible. And we do it with the power, ecosystems, skill sets, and best practices of a traditional SQL database.

Why? Those business applications expect nothing less.

A simple, streamlined architecture featuring automated orchestration means you can finally accelerate application delivery.

Our database delivers:

  • High performance through a cache-based design that allows database processing to occur very close to the application.
  • Capacity on demand that scales with your needs. Simply add or delete database containers dynamically.
  • Continuous availability via redundant container services and an architecture that is designed for live maintenance (no downtime!).
  • Automated administration by having a 100% REST-based administration model
  • Data redundancy and mobility by allowing storage containers to be added and deleted in a running system


With NuoDB you get:

All in a cloud-native database. No add-ons, no services, no catch.








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