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  • It was a busy month for us nuonians. With spring slowly creeping its way back in, we wrapped up our West Coast sponsoring session at the Percona Live: MySql and Expo conference and joined forces with fellow attendees at Under The Radar .

    With featured Silver Sponsors such as Facebook and Google by our side at the 2012 Percona Live: MySql and Expo Conference, NuoDB was pretty happy to be included amongst them. “It’s not a bad

  • NuoDB, the leader in elastically scalable database software for the cloud, is pleased to announce today the much anticipated the release of Beta 6, featuring several major areas of development:

    The Nuo Console, a graphical tool for administering the NuoDB database, has been significantly improved in Beta 6 in terms of ease-of-use and breadth of functionality:

    Features a very easy-to-use GUI that provides rich graphical configuration and display capabilities Enables DBAs to manage multiple distributed databases, which can be deployed on-premises, in the cloud, or in a hybrid
  • It was a great conference day for NuoDB at this years GigaOM Structure:Data Conference. CEO and Co-Founder, Barry Morris, rocked the house with only 5 minutes on stage.

    “The reception to our presentation on Emergent Architecture, was beyond our expectations and it was a privilege to be included amongst some of the industries main leaders in technology and data management.”

    Started by Om Malik and published by Giga Omni Media, Inc., GigaOM is one of the hottest Tech events out there these days. With over 750 attendees this year, GigaOM’s Structure:Data

  • Last week’s opening conversation at the GeekWire Summit featured Ray Ozzie, the online collaboration pioneer and former Microsoft chief software architect.

    The Q&A session marked Ray Ozzie’s “first detailed interview since he returned to the startup world. It was a deep dive and a broad look across the modern tech industry, from the mind of a guy who has been there since the early days of online communities.”

    “We have the level of connectivity that enables people to dream new software solutions whether horizontally or within verticals that I never

  • NuoDB Founder and CEO Barry Morris will be speaking at this year’s GigaOM Structure Data conference on Thursday, March 22nd, in NYC.

    GigaOM’s Structure Data will explore the technical and business opportunities spurred by the growth of big data, including storage needs and data analysis.

    For more information on this upcoming conference, visit

  • 2013 CDMS? 1980s RDBMS? NonSQL Store?

    There’s a can’t miss event coming up for loyal NuoDB followers and fans plus…anyone else who is moving an app to the cloud.

    The first webinar in the five-part series will be held on February 19 at 12:00 p.m. EST. Barry Morris, CEO and Co-Founder of NuoDB, and Tony Baer, Principal Analyst for Enterprise Solutions at Ovum, a leading technology analysis firm, will discuss why a Cloud Data Management System (CDMS) matters to business’s bottom line.

    The one-hour webcast entitled “The New World of Cloud

  • AutoZone and NorthPoint Solutions Among Those Endorsing NuoDB

    Cambridge, MA – January 15, 2013 – NuoDB, Inc. , a startup offering the industry’s only patented, elastically scalable Cloud Data Management System (CDMS), announced that its database software is generally available effective today, January 15, 2013. NuoDB is unveiling its CDMS, NuoDB Starlings release, at an invitation-only event at the Seaport Hotel in Boston, at 11 AM EST.

    Anyone may attend the live-streamed launch event by

  • With over 100 improvements made to the code base, the latest version of NuoDB promises to both excite existing Beta testers, as well as entice newcomers to join in on the fun.

    The previous release, Beta 4, was chock full of new features including support for JRuby ActiveRecord, ODBC, MAC OS/X, Amazon S3, and Triggers.

    With Beta 5, NuoDB engineering shifted gears from feature development to efforts in usability, stability and performance improvements. Major areas of improvement include:

    Drivers: the ODBC, JDBC and JRuby ActiveRecord drivers have been more rigorously
  • You hear the phrase “Cloud Database” a fair bit, but it’s usually in the absence of a definition. What makes something a Cloud Database, and what sorts of things disqualify a system from being a Cloud Database?

    Sometimes when there is no definition it means that everyone gets what a term means. I have never heard a careful definition of a bus, but we all generally agree on whether something is a bus, is not a bus or is a borderline bus. Maybe Cloud Databases are things that we all just know when we see them, but I am not so sure. In talking to a lot of smart

  • Wouldn’t it be nice to have an elastically scalable database? NuoDB is a re-think of relational database technology, targeted at an elastic cloud of computers rather than a single computer system. What sets NuoDB apart from other NewSQL and NoSQL solutions is the many distinctive features that underpin its unique architecture. Chief among them is the manner by which multiple nodes cooperate to manage the state of the database.

    Unlike traditional database architectures that are centralized with centralized transaction log files and query-processing, NuoDB manages transactions