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  • We’re picking up steam! … And we’ve got the followers to show for it.

    NuoDB is ready to take off and our diehard fans have been with us all the way. Join us for one of our upcoming, much anticipated, Meet-up groups. We have Boston lined up for August, New York later this Fall and hopefully a San Francisco trip in the works.

    “One of the interesting things about Nuonian Meet-ups is the indisputable opportunity that you get to have real face time with one of our head engineers,” NuoDB, Marketing & Branding Manger, Max Summit says.

  • Product Update: Beta 7 release hits the streets to immediate acclaim!

    You heard it here first: we gave you advanced notice about beta 7 last month. Beta 7 hit the streets for the rest of the world on June 28 and the response was immediate and positive.

    No surprise given how much goodness it offers; highlights include:

    Performance and scalability — Beta 7 now supports up to 50 nodes enabling the database to elastically scale to tens of thousands of transactions per second on Amazon EC2 or local commodity servers. Product hardening
  • Gary Morgenthaler Leads Round as New Investor Joining Former Database Executives Mitchell Kertzman and Nilanjana Bhowmik As Backers

    Cambridge, Mass. – July 9, 2012 – NuoDB, the leader in elastically scalable database software for the cloud, today announced a Series B round of funding of $10 million. The round was led by Morgenthaler Ventures and included participation by NuoDB’s previous investors, Hummer Winblad Venture Partners and Longworth Venture Partners. The latest round brings the company’s total funding

  • If the carefully scrutinized public cloud service outages tell us anything, it is that it’s time for us to think differently about databases on the cloud. Very differently.

    As relates to disaster recovery of databases, public cloud customers need three things:

    Safe Data Guarantees
    To have live, fully up to date and fully consistent copies of all your databases in a location of your own choice. That might be your corporate datacenter, a portable USB
  • And we’ve taken off with instant download hits.

    It seemed like a long wait for those who were anxious to move from Beta 6 to lucky Beta 7, but the hold back was well worth the wait.

    In addition to tackling a number of bugs reported by the Beta community, the latest beta release includes several key new features that incorporate developer feedback in key product areas:

    Performance and scalability — Beta 7 now supports up to 50 nodes enabling the database to elastically scale to tens of thousands of transactions per second on Amazon EC2 or
  • To SQL or To NoSQL: The Database Dilemma

    GigaOM Structure Conference in San Francisco, CA.

    Peter van Hardenberg, Co-Founder of Heroku Postgres, Heroku; Dave Rubin, Director of NoSQL Database Development, Oracle; Cliff Moon, CTO, Boundary; Barry Morris, CEO, NuoDB, present on the big talk! To SQL or To NoSQL – that is the question!

    For the full article and live streamed interviews, click here .

  • Databases confront the cloud: evolution, revolution and coexistence

    Until recently the industry has seen remarkably little innovation in databases. Why are we seeing so much variety now? NoSQL grew out of the limitations of SQL for certain use cases, but SQL will not disappear. So where will both ultimately belong? We are seeing that the brouhaha around NoSQL as a category obscures the fact that a variety of databases are needed to address a large range of use cases. This panel will examine how design patterns have evolved, especially those underpinning cloud applications, and how those

  • Defining the Cloud: Public, Private or Hybrid?

    DM Radio Interview with Barry Morris, CEO and co-founder of NuoDB.

    Who would deny the amazing impact of Cloud computing? All over the world, a new wave of enterprise software continues to change the way business is done. But what of all this “private vs public” cloud? Isn’t a private cloud just a data center? And what about the hybrid cloud?

    Check out this episode of DM Radio to get some insights into what really matters when it comes to Cloud computing. Hosts Eric Kavanagh and Jim

  • In case you missed it, here’s a copy of our new monthly newsletter series: ‘Have Your Heard?’ – The definitive source for all your information on Emergent Databases.

    The NuoDB Bird and Emergent Databases:

    The NuoDB Bird is a crane, a symbol of longevity, good luck and happiness. Aside from the obvious hopes and dreams we’ve pinned on our Bird, he is also a symbol of our software for creating emergent databases.

    NuoDB is unlike any other database company by virtue of having developed the industry’s first and only emergent database.

  • Sponsored by some of the industry’s top cloud technology and solutions vendors, this year’s All About The Cloud Conference offered attendees the opportunity to learn more about latest industry and technology trends and solutions. Featuring a wide range of experts with different cloud specific backgrounds, this incredible event brought together key CEOs, CIOs, VCs, analysts and influencers.

    NuoDB, of course, was ecstatic to be counted as one of SIIA’s NexGen leading innovative companies – early stage companies delivering game-changing solutions in today