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  • Left to Right: Lindsey, Dan, Matt, Carlos, Knox, Rachel
    Center: Amy, Office Manager

    Knox Anderson


    School: Boston University


  • A while ago I wrote an entry here on how get started with NuoDB by provisioning a domain . Most of that focused on what a domain is, how to get a couple of hosts online and working together and how to use the command-line to manage those hosts. Since then I’ve heard a lot of interest for a follow-on piece

  • NuoDB Technology Evangelist Discusses How Developers Can Scale Databases More Easily

    Cambridge, MA – June 20, 2013 – NuoDB, Inc. , the industry leader in NewSQL, announced a live webinar entitled “3 Steps to Migrate from MySQL” on how application developers can more easily scale their databases.

    NuoDB Tech Evangelist, Wiqar Chaudry, will discuss:

    Real-world use cases for migration Overview of integration technologies for NuoDB Demo: Using the NuoDB Migrator tool to
  • The Zend Framework is an object oriented PHP framework that can be used to construct interactive web applications. NuoDB supports both Zend Framework version 1 and version 2 . In this TechBlog article, I will show you how to use NuoDB with both Zend Framework v1 and v2. I will use the example applications that are provided in the Zend Framework documentation and show you how to make them work with NuoDB.

    In this blog post, I am using clean a install of 64-bit Ubuntu desktop 12.04.

  • Even though newer scripting languages are now in vogue, Perl is still the workhorse of the internet. The job market for Perl developers is going strong and Perl has a long history of use in major web sites such as Ticketmaster, and The New York Times. Perl is well suited for database processing tasks due to the mature, unified DBI database interface and the numerous database-related modules, templating solutions and ORM frameworks available from the CPAN repository.

    NuoDB provides a

  • If you follow-along on the tech blog you’ve seen the news that we opened our Python driver this week. We’re pretty excited. From the response so far, you are too! If you’ve actually gone and pulled the source, however, you may have noticed that there’s more than just SQL support in there. There are also APIs

  • I’m excited to announce that the beta version of pynuodb, the NuoDB Python driver, is now available on Github ! You can also sign up to be an official participant in the

  • A few weeks ago I did a joint webinar with Miles Ward (all around great guy) from Amazon. It prompted me to write about what I think cloud-scale means. Lots of you have asked, and I just heard that the AWS video is now online . So, you know, go check it out and let us know what you think!

  • Meet Oleg Levin The basics!

    1- What do you do at NuoDB?

    Oleg: Try to resolve REALLY complicated problems (and thoroughly enjoy doing it!). I lead the group responsible for NuoDB’s atom layer , focusing on our product’s performance

  • I did a webinar recently with Amazon. The focus was on what makes NuoDB different than other databases and why that means we’re so well-suited to run on AWS . I started off with a simple statement: NuoDB is a relational database designed to be cloud-scale.

    Calling something “cloud-scale” is, umm, “