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  • E-shops, or “e-commerce solutions,” have become quite popular in recent years. They’re especially attractive if you have a good idea, or simply great goods, because you can rapidly make your shop and then expand your business rather easily for success. One such e-commerce solution is nopCommerce . It’s free, open source (if that matters to you), and mainly based around Microsoft technologies – ASP.NET MVC, IIS, MS SQL.

    nopCommerce is a very versatile product, and not just a simple e-shop. It supports multiple

  • My name is Jiri Cincura and I was working recently in NuoDB on improving the .NET driver, mainly around Entity Framework support. But that’s not what I’d like to talk about for today. Today I’d like to talk about connection pooling. Something that’s well known for a lot of people in (not only) ADO.NET world.

    What it is? Let me tell you whole story. Opening and closing a connection is not easy. In fact it might take a lot of time. There are a few steps involved. You need to resolve the hostname to IP, open the connection physically, the server needs to

  • Introduction

    One of the new preview features of the NuoDB NewSQL DBMS 1.2 is the addition of SQL stored procedures to the toolbox that users have at their disposal. Although they don't add any new capability to the database engine, as the same task can be done by client code written in any of the supported languages (C++, Java, .NET, Python, Perl...), a significant part of the SQL community has grown used to write them mainly for performance and security purposes.

    The performance advantage can be seen when the procedure is executing several SQL statements: in fact, by running

  • You probably saw Paul's post this week announcing our 1.2 release . It's full of "previews." Why? 'Cause there are a bunch of things we've been working on quietly that are finally making it into the product. Needless to say, we're psyched about this stuff. The one preview feature that didn't make it onto Paul's list is that with 1.2 we're pulling back the curtain on our automation work.

    I've talked a lot on this blog about how easy it is to automate monitoring and management in NuoDB. I've also said that

  • Spoiler Alert!
    Details on our next GA release, NuoDB 1.2, follow below. No window dressing, just the facts, so read on...

    Our typical development cycle produces 1 "point release" every 3 months, and 2 minor "patch" releases in between. Not so this time around. We found there to be so much in new development that it merited a point designation, skipping a second patch, and the result is a bounty of feature "Preview" goodness.

    For starters, we've made significant

  • Cambridge, MA, August 6, 2013 – NuoDB, Inc., the leader in NewSQL, announced the last release of their current product version and a technology preview of some upcoming second generation features available later in 2013. The preview is contained in the free download of the new NuoDB Starlings Release 1.2.

    Product improvements in the release include support for a range of SQL functions, a preview of a unique and powerful implementation of stored procedures, and support for new drivers and frameworks.

    Features in Release 1.2 and Technology

  • We like to keep things fresh here in our NuoDB Techblog, so we’re trying something new with this post. We’ve invited a developer from our community of users to contribute in a guest post, and his name is Jiri Cincura. I’m excited because he is going to talk about the great improvements he’s made to our new .NET driver. So not to steal any of his thunder I’ll leave it to you to read on – enjoy!


    I recently started working on NuoDB’s .NET driver to improve it, and especially to introduce Entity Framework

  • Tungsten Replicator is a software package that allows replication to be established between MySQL and another database product. This blog post describes how to configure replication between MySQL and NuoDB.

    The benefits of doing this are to:

    1. Offload realtime analytics from an overloaded operational MySQL instance. Both NuoDB and MySQL would run side by side with NuoDB

  • Cambridge, MA – July 30, 2013 – NuoDB, Inc., the leader in NewSQL, announced a live webinar entitled “Transitioning to NuoDB with the Tungsten Replicator” on how to avoid the time consuming efforts typically associated with improving MySQL scale out.

    Replication enables data from a master MySQL database to be copied to one or more slave MySQL databases. Replication is used to provide better performance by taking some of load off the master database freeing up more compute power.

    However the replication process results in the

  • Cambridge, MA – July 24, 2013 – NuoDB, Inc. , the industry leader in NewSQL, today announced the beta program for a new migration tool for MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2, PostgreSQL and Oracle RDBMS. The new tool facilitates migration from traditional database systems to the NuoDB operational database platform. The migration tool is Open Source and available for free download on the NuoDB DevCenter here or on Github.