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  • At least 80% of the data in the world is labeled unstructured, although most definitions of that word are perhaps kindly described as unstructured thinking. Much of the excitement about Big Data, especially social media data, stems from that one number. The thought is that such a large volume of data must hold a vast trove of business value… if only it could be discovered and mined.

  • In every industry, there is an exception that proves the rule. Many builders, for example, are incredibly fastidious about the materials and disciplines they apply to making your home as energy efficient, waterproof and aesthetically pleasing as possible. And yet, when you visit their own homes, it’s like entering an exhibition of half finished projects. There’ll be semi-completed plastering jobs, exposed cables and all kinds of other open wounds they’ve never had time to dress.

    If my own experience is

  • Life and business are often full of surprises. But not this time.

    NuoDB recently commissioned a research study that included only independent software vendors (ISVs) as participants. About half the subjects were Software as a Service providers and the rest were actively migrating applications to the cloud.

    We weren’t surprised by what they said. We were, in fact, heartened by the depth and breadth of smart strategies ISVs have devised to make the best use of the cloud for their businesses.

    They verified that the cloud is where they must be. 100% are actively

  • In my last post , I emphasized the central role of business transactions as the legally binding representation and long-term record of all business activity. It was for this reason that databases—first hierarchical and then relational—were adopted as the technological foundation for business computing. In comparison to file-based systems, databases offer higher reliability, better consistency, and easier management and control of this key information asset of the business.

  • No, I’m not saying that big data is good for nothing. Nor am I referring to the privacy issues it creates, although they are very real and dangerous. What I’m saying is that the current mythology of big data is sucking the life blood out of the heart of real, meaningful business computing.

    Both the business world and the computing industry have been chasing down a marketing rabbit hole. The story goes that if only businesses knew every last detail about the lives and loves, the outer behaviors and inner

  • As veterans of high tech all know, trade shows and conferences are all lumped into two compressed time periods every year: May and early June and then again late September, October and early November. NuoDB hit the ground running for the fall season as usual. We love to get out and meet new prospects, old friends and partners; complain about the airlines; the hotels losing packages; and show off the latest version of NuoDB – Swifts Release 2.1.

    NuoDB was well represented last

  • Who is the original, quintessential, data-driven business? A number of candidates come to mind. But two of the most obvious, with very different models of how they use data, are Google and eBay. I’m not suggesting that you should be like either company; we’ll come to more everyday possible role models in a later post. I want to illustrate that, despite their reputations as “big data” companies, it’s not the size of their data that matters, it’s what they do with it that drives the business.

  • We announced something pretty exciting this week. If you've been following along on the blog you've seen that our Swifts release is now available . We spent a lot of time on it and the result is some really great stuff at the core of our system. What kind of stuff? A rockin' new optimizer paired with richer indexing capabilities for one. A new set of management tools & APIs for another.

    Those tools and APIs tie in with the first GA version of our automation capabilities. I've talked about automation on this blog in the

  • Obtaining real-time intelligence from a rushing stream of hundreds of thousands or even millions of transactions per second has long been a desire on the part of businesses. Gartner, the IT research firm, has named this ability " Hybrid Transaction/Analytical Processing " or HTAP.

    Why would you want HTAP? Because it enables very cool, very meaningful insights into your data in real time. Here’s one of the biggest HTAP examples around – Google AdWords.


  • NuoDB Swifts Release 2.1 is a HUGE release.

    I described our goals for Release 2.1, and some of our ideas for where we'll be headed beyond 2.1 - in my posting at the start of the Release 2.1 Beta . We've now emerged from the end of a very successful Beta and Release 2.1 is now generally available.

    Here's a summary of the new features and capabilities of this release.


    Automation is a high-level requirements-oriented approach to