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Unplugged Tech Session…in a brand new “hangout”

Join NuoDB tomorrow, Tuesday, April 29th at 11 a.m. EST to ask CTO, Seth Proctor, and Software Engineer, Luke Bayas, your questions about the NuoDB Automation Console and No Knobs Administration.

The session will start by covering how the client side technologies used to implement NuoDB’s Automation Console make a distributed database usable. Luke will then provide color on the REST management API being built, as well as the web toolkits going into the new UI.

Tomorrow’s Hangout will be the fourth installment of a monthly Live Q&A series called NuoDB Unplugged, where Seth introduces and explains key features of NuoDB’s product. Each month, Seth is joined by a guest engineer to give viewers an insider look at NuoDB’s technical inner working.

This week’s NuoDB Unplugged will be the first in the new office! A couple of weeks back, we shared some pictures of the space during construction. Here’s a look at the finished product.

We want to thank Tania Person-Summit, the designer of our space. She rocks! Find her at

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