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A Transactional Cloud Database without Compromise

On-Demand MarketAs part of the migration to the cloud delivery model, application vendors have adopted numerous workarounds in the hopes of meeting their business requirements. From expensive and complex replication schemes to sacrificing transactional consistency and integrity, these strategies have consistently solved some of the issues, but never all, and often at the expense of development delivery timelines, cost containment, maintenance manpower, and overall architectural simplicity.

It is in this environment that the avant-garde class of databases emerges, finally giving cloud-bound application providers another option. When one appreciates that to achieve geographic scale today, application vendors are in fact relying on the complicated replication techniques alluded to above or worse, multiple, discrete databases stitched together at the application level (through sharding, for example) to achieve geographic scale today, the promise of a geographically distributed database that can maintain strict transactional consistency and integrity while minimizing latency is highly compelling. 

One such database, NuoDB, has been built from inception as a distributed database that could operate in a cloud or containerized environment. Part of the new “avant-garde” category of relational databases, NuoDB embraces the standard database requirements – support for SQL; full compliance with Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, and Durability (ACID) semantics; and enterprise-class security – on which traditional applications rely, while delivering the elasticity, agility, and global accessibility that a cloud delivery model promises.

Stay tuned next week for the "Executing a SaaS Strategy: The Role of the Database" summary and conclusion.

This is the sixth in a multi-part series on "Executing a SaaS Strategy: The Role of the Database." You'll see a new post from me every week for the next several weeks on the topic, but if you'd like to access the entire series now, you can download it here


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