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Terrible Human Defaces National Parks…And Database Hits The Wall

Oh oh. The words you do not ever want to appear on your customers’ screens:

“Please stand by for a few moments. Our database system is currently scaling up to meet the demand of a recent surge in traffic. The site should be operational again in a few minutes. Thank you.”

These are the exact words Modern Hiker had to push out to their website visitors last week.

The surge in traffic was a result of Modern Hiker's very own excellent reporting. The classic “victim of their own success” story.

There’s a hiker named Casey Nocket going around painting what she calls “art” across the natural beauty found in the US National Parks. Modern Hiker was the first to cover the story (quite impressively with amazing photos of the “art” ….if you could wait long enough for the database to respond so you could see the piece).

If you can’t get to the story on Modern Hiker, here’s the Gawker version called:

Terrible Human Defaces National Parks With Ugly Drawings

Casey will get her just desserts; the Feds are hot on her “trail” for vandalism. We’re blogging the story to let Modern Hiker know the elastic scalability in NuoDB is here next time they need it. Or sooner if they want more reliable air time for their next outstanding piece of journalism!

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