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Say Hello to NuoDB 2.6, the Elastic SQL Database

NuoDB 2.6 introduction bannerHere at NuoDB we’ve had a lot of success with software companies looking to deliver cloud applications. When we talk to some of the industry analysts, they often assume that most of our customers are looking to build new applications for the cloud.  It’s certainly true that we have a fair number of those customers. But in fact quite a lot of our customers - maybe even the majority - are taking successful on-premises applications and turning them into SaaS solutions.

Regardless of which camp they fall into, these cloud apps have a number of things in common:

  • Customers that expect the application to be available any time they want
  • Steady - and sometimes unpredictable or skyrocketing - user growth
  • A profitability model based on subscriptions rather than perpetual licenses

So it’s no wonder that we constantly get companies coming to us looking for an elastically scalable, cost-efficient operational database resilient to failures at all levels.

We’ve been proud of our ability to continually grow and evolve the product to meet customer needs, and today, we're excited to announce the release of NuoDB 2.6, which significantly improves our ability to address each of the three areas above.

With expanded certification for our native active-active capabilities, NuoDB 2.6 makes it even easier to scale a single, logical database across multiple availability zones. That means you optimize hardware utilization while eliminating downtime due to failures or outages. Your customers get a more available and responsive application, and you get to save money by eliminating the complexity and cost of add-on software and dormant infrastructure devoted to disaster recovery.

NuoDB 2.6 also brings with it new table partitioning capabilities and the concept of storage groups. Together, these capabilities significantly increase application performance and scaling capabilities while offering cost savings through data aging and the ability to use lower-cost storage for targeted data in the database.

Finally, for those customers that are porting their on-premises applications to NuoDB, we’ve further improved our SQL compatibility - particularly for current Microsoft SQL Server customers - making it even easier to migrate applications from an existing database to NuoDB.

You can read more details on all of these in our press release or the TechBlog series that will go into each of these features in depth.

Leave your thoughts below to tell us what you think about our new release, but in the meantime, I’ll close with a quote from our customer Movemedical to give you a sense for why we’re so excited about this release:

“The medical companies and hospitals that use our cloud application need it to be always available and extremely responsive. Unlike our previous database, adding more capacity in NuoDB - whether it's within a single instance or across our globally distributed data centers - is extremely fast and simple. Using NuoDB has enabled us to maintain our SQL interface and preserve ACID compliance, while achieving the elastic scale and continuous availability we need.”


Jeff BoehmAs Chief Marketing Officer at NuoDB, Jeff defines and executes NuoDB’s go-to-market approach and drives all aspects of corporate and product marketing to create and capitalize on market demand. Jeff draws on more than 25 years’ experience of spurring customer adoption for pioneering data management companies through targeted product and company positioning and program execution.

Follow Jeff on Twitter at @jsboehm

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