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Reading the tea leaves

crystal ball I am no Nostradamus but I do get to hang out with very smart technical people who have ideas about what’s going to be happening with the business of data in 2015.

Here’s what I have heard is coming up for next year:

2015 will be a year where companies want to scale out. It will be increasingly important for companies to maintain multiple user bases and want to support them across the world.

In 2015, there will be a growing concern that security and the integrity of data may not be protected. There are complexities such as local policies when you are scaling across the world. People will be asking: How do you protect your data while respecting the local laws? Running in distributed deployments is one way to protect your data. It’s important to separate where your data lives.
In 2015 we will see new types of applications that address the analysis of real-time analytics. Companies want to have both global and local views of what is happening with their data.

Here’s one of my own predictions recently published in Virtual Strategy.

I will come back in December 2015 and let you know how I did. I can only hope to be as accurate in my predictions as Issac Asimov was in his when he predicted in 1964 what the year 2014 would be like. He got it a lot more right than Nostradamus.

Meanwhile, what do you predict for the business of data?

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