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Ray Ozzie thinks NuoDB is the next ‘hot thing’ out there:

Last week’s opening conversation at the GeekWire Summit featured Ray Ozzie, the online collaboration pioneer and former Microsoft chief software architect.

The Q&A session marked Ray Ozzie’s “first detailed interview since he returned to the startup world. It was a deep dive and a broad look across the modern tech industry, from the mind of a guy who has been there since the early days of online communities.”

“We have the level of connectivity that enables people to dream new software solutions whether horizontally or within verticals that I never could have imagined, early in my career, would happen during my lifetime,” Ray mentioned.

On the topic of startups, Ray had the following to say: “Startups are just incredible, they’re amazing, because you can put all your passion into one thing, and you make that one thing just so beautiful.”

When asked about what new technology solutions are out there that he thinks is really “hot”, we here at NuoDB couldn’t have asked for a better response:

“I know this is boring, but I’m going to take it out of the consumer device realm, because we’re all enamored with consumer devices, but I am fascinated by the development of NoSQL databases, and some new NewSQL databases. Mike Stonebreaker in Boston has a number of companies that he has started. There’s a guy named Jim Starkey who has a thing, NuoDB, which is a relational DB. The database technology is really fascinating the way it’s developing and maturing right now. That kind of has a lot of my focus.”

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