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A Rare Sighting. Wowza!

Tuesday of this week, offered a rare sighting in the form of NuoDB Founder and Strategic Adviser, Jim Starkey. Jim retired last year after getting NuoDB off to a smooth start in January 2013 with the general availability of his brainchild, the NuoDB distributed cloud database.

But on Tuesday he stepped in to cover for NuoDB CEO, Barry Morris, and spoke at a webcast with industry analyst, Dr. Robin Bloor of Bloor Research on the topic of “The Crown Jewels: Is Enterprise Data Ready For The Cloud.”

Barb Darrow of GigaOM has called Jim a superstar. We think of him as one of the foremost data scientists of all time. He did not disappoint on Tuesday.

As always, Jim offered up some zingers and insights. A few quotes:

“Time spent on database administration is time off your life span.” (Meaning, the “no knobs” auto administration functions of NuoDB make life loads easier for DBAs). Also on auto admin: “I don’t think humans should tell computers how computers should work.”

“NuoDB was designed from the beginning to be able to change columns or anything, running hot, multi-user, pumping transactions.”

“I invented the first DBMS that could do a two-phased commit and the first system that has no reason to do one.” (Meaning NuoDB).

“Can I say I have no idea?” (In response to a complex, esoteric, technical question).

“I’m very bashful about talking about my baby, as you can see.”

Other banter with Dr. Bloor included: a discussion of the theory of relativity!

Jim and Dr. Bloor held the audience’s (in the hundreds!) attention for over an hour. To catch the replay, click here. You will be entertained!

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