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Q&A With NuoDB CTO On Big Data And Product Development

NuoDB CTO, Seth Proctor, sat down with Roberto Zicari of to discuss big data, common customer use cases and the technical features currently under development at NuoDB.

Here are some of the highlights of the conversation.

What is your current product offering?

“NuoDB 2.0 is a webscale distributed database providing standard SQL capabilities for applications that need to operate in a cloud model. SQL ’92 support (joins, indexes, DDL, etc.) mean ACID transactions while our novel distributed architecture is designed for scale-out performance by adding or removing nodes on-demand, …”

Who are your current customers and how do they typically use your products?

“Customers use NuoDB today to support operational use-cases that need transactions, availability guarantees, active-active deployment and analytic capabilities. Often these are users with existing applications needing to migrate to the cloud or users who are building new applications designed from the start with a requirement for elasticity…”

What are the main technical features you are currently working on and why?

“…Starting with this core set of scale-out features, one major area of development for NuoDB is enhanced operational efficiency and performance capabilities for geo-distributed deployments.”

“…Because these kinds of deployments are complicated to manage, another key area of development is around automation… As NuoDB matures in the market this feature will continue to simplify the operational experience of running at scale.”

For more detail on product development, visit the NuoDB DevCenter and Tech Blog.

The full transcript can be found here.

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