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NuoDB is the new NimbusDB

Cambridge, MA – August 1, 2011 – NimbusDB, the thought leader in cloud database technology, announced today that the company has chosen to change its name to NuoDB. NuoDB is a NewSQL database system, a new category of databases designed to deliver horizontally scalable ACID transactions within the industry-standard SQL database model. “Nuo” derives from a Chinese word meaning “graceful”.

“Our NuoDB product is in Beta release and as the company gets ready for delivery to production users it is appropriate to adopt a more distinctive identity that reflects the essence of our culture and product”, said Barry Morris, Founder and CEO of NuoDB, Inc. “Early users see it as a major advantage that they can gracefully add and delete computer nodes to a running NuoDB database, which is really one of the key ideas of the cloud and our technology.”

The NuoDB product is an elastically scalable SQL database that supports ACID transactions.

Cloud computing is delivering enormous benefits to users that need computing services on a convenient utility model. Cloud computing does however create a substantial challenge for traditional database systems. Modern demands on databases are unprecedented and unpredictable both in terms of data volumes and user concurrency. Furthermore, the modern cloud data center is populated with small commodity machines connected by commodity networks, not large monolithic computers. What is needed is a new category of database system that delivers elastic scalability on networks of commodity computers but that does not require an enterprise to change its business models, processes, tools, skill bases, etc.

“The NewSQL wave of database systems is a consequence of the failure of traditional, monolithic SQL systems”, added Barry Morris. “What has worked for the last 30 years will not work for the next 30 years, obviously. NuoDB paves the way by creating a new vision of SQL databases that deliver increased or decreased performance as you assign different numbers of machines to a running database. No-one else can do that.”

On the topic of the new name, Morris noted “We liked NimbusDB as a name. It refers to the cloud, and that is what we do. But if you GOOGLE ‘Nimbus’ you’ll get hits that include breweries, toothbrushes, motorcycles, Harry Potter’s flying broom, and a good number of technology companies. NuoDB, on the other hand, gets at who we are and what we do, and distinguishes the company. We’re here to build a long-term business and I want us to do so with a distinctive position in the market. ‘Nuo’ derives from ‘graceful’ in Chinese and in the end gracefully scaling to meet demand is the heart of the cloud data challenge.”

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