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NuoDB Future-Proofs DropShip eCommerce Platform

In 2014, e-commerce sales in the United States will generate $262.3 billion, estimates eMarketer. A 16.4 percent year over year increase that isn’t expected to taper off anytime soon. In 2017, the U.S. e-commerce industry is estimated to rake in $440 billion in sales. That’s the United States alone! China’s annual growth rate is a staggering 60 percent.

For NuoDB customer DropShip Commerce, an e-commerce SaaS platform, scaling to accommodate this major influx of transactions was a major hurdle in establishing the best experience for their customers. Their solution demanded a database that could grow with their business and allow them to reduce infrastructure and provisioning expenses.

Take a look at their story and how they were able to future-proof their solution with a NuoDB database.

 NuoDB Future-Proofs DropShip eCommerce Platform

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