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NuoDB’s Distributed Pluggable Cloud Database

pluggable-databasePluggable databases give developers and administrators the ability to create a database container and provision multiple databases within that single container. This is also known as multi-tenancy.

Sounds AMAZING doesn’t it…

The cloud environment is a prime candidate for pluggable databases. This is especially true for cloud providers that host hundreds of apps and hundreds of databases, many of which are idle most of the time. The ability to provision lots of databases to maximize hardware resources is definitely the right idea. Providing data isolation and security is even better. And what about when one of these databases becomes active and the app built on top of it starts demanding massive amounts of read and write operations? Well then the database needs to scale – quickly.

Oracle is capitalizing on this trend too, with the announcement of Oracle 12c and a key new feature called ‘pluggable databases.’ They have made it super easy for developers to migrate and “plugin” their existing database to a much larger and more expensive machine to handle the added concurrency and throughput demands. That’s right… Oracle 12c is just a convenient way for Oracle to get SaaS developers to buy into their notion of pluggable or multi-tenant databases, only to force them into the same old scale-up model later, as their applications start gaining some market share.

Fortunately, there is a better alternative and you don’t have to wait for it to be released! NuoDB is a Cloud Data Management System (CDMS) that supports true multi-tenant “pluggable” databases. Here’s what makes NuoDB different…

NuoDB doesn’t require you to provision a container. Instead, NuoDB Domains scale elastically across one or hundreds of machines running in the Cloud. A domain is essentially a collection of host machines allowed to participate in one or more databases. You can create thousands of databases on a single machine within a domain or enable a single logical distributed NuoDB database to consume the resources of hundreds of host machines in the Cloud. Unlike Oracle 12c, developers and administrators can elastically scale only the most active databases that demand higher throughput and concurrency. NuoDB is designed to scale-out and scale-in, not just up!

So if you’re tired of calling Oracles Sales, pleading with your CFO, and buying bigger and bigger machines to scale your database, start using NuoDB Pro for free. It includes 4GBs of total storage and 2 host machines to start and scales elastically at a fraction of the cost of getting locked into an Oracle license.

NuoDB is 100% SQL, provides ACID compliant transactions and guarantees high-availability through built-in geo-redundancy, download it today!

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