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NuoDB Community Edition: Elastic Scale-Out. SQL. Resilient. And Free.

Community Edition 3:1 blogIn my last post, I talked about the availability of NuoDB 2.6, a robust release that added support for active-active deployments across AWS Availability Zones, table partitioning, distributed storage, and improved SQL compatibility. (If you haven’t read what’s in the release, check out our TechBlog!)

But for a lot of developers - especially those in the early stages of building their applications - paying for a database just isn’t a possibility. And while there are a number of open source options available, many of these folks are looking for capabilities that aren’t well served by the MySQL / Postgres / NoSQL market.

Since I joined NuoDB mid-last year, I’ve spoken with dozens of customers and prospects, and I hear a pretty common list of requirements. They want a database that:

  • Preserves SQL so they can use their existing skills / knowledge
  • Maintains strict transactional consistency and durability guarantees so they don’t need to complicate application code
  • Easily scales to support growing user volumes when their application takes off
  • Stays online no matter what to keep their users happy

NuoDB is a perfect fit for those needs, but quite understandably, the cost of our Professional or Enterprise Editions is just too high for a developer just starting out.

That’s why I’m excited to announce that we released today a new, expanded version of our Community Edition that can now scale out across multiple machines. Supporting the developer community has always been important to NuoDB, which is why we’ve always had a Community Edition. Thousands of developers have downloaded the NuoDB Community Edition, and while we’ve made it easy to upgrade to one of our paid versions once you decide to, our Community Edition didn’t showcase the best of NuoDB.

Prior to this announcement, if you wanted to take advantage of the elastic scalability of NuoDB you needed to request an enterprise trial or POC, or upgrade to the Professional or Enterprise Edition.

A Bigger, Better Playground

The Community Edition isn’t just for early-stage developers though. We’ve heard over and over again that today’s organizations want to run their own evaluations to see for themselves whether NuoDB is the right fit for them.

Companies that are considering NuoDB as the foundation for their cloud applications are particularly intrigued by this elastic SQL concept. They understand how their database choice can substantially impact total cost of ownership, business agility, customer satisfaction - even how quickly a new application or new application features get released to their customers.

In short, they understand our value proposition; they’re just not sure yet whether to believe it.

Today’s announcement means that organizations can use the Community Edition as a first step in their evaluation process to test key concepts like continuous availability and scaling on their own.

Nearly all our customers have followed this evaluation path - we hope that this more robust version of the product will support that journey even better.

You don’t have to take my word for it though - here’s what some of our Community Edition users are saying about NuoDB:

"NuoDB's distributed cache architecture represents a new style of schema for storing data in the database. It's a must-try for anyone looking for a better database experience." - Teji Singh

“NuoDB's ability to scale across nodes while keeping ACID transactions and ANSI SQL support means that I get on-demand scalability without losing ACID,” said Vlad Chechetko, a Community Edition user developing a new application. “I really appreciate that it also has its own in-memory cache and the ability to process mixed workloads.”

"When you're developing a commercial SaaS application, you want a database that can deliver elasticity and automation," said William O'Keefe of Frenel Solutions, an early user of NuoDB Community Edition. "NuoDB's flexible distributed database is a powerful and interesting alternative to traditional SQL databases."

So - download the new NuoDB Community Edition and see for yourself how an elastic SQL database can support your application requirements! If you need a little help getting started, check out our TechBlog post today. And let us know what you think or how else we can support your database requirements.


Jeff BoehmAs Chief Marketing Officer at NuoDB, Jeff defines and executes NuoDB’s go-to-market approach and drives all aspects of corporate and product marketing to create and capitalize on market demand. Jeff draws on more than 25 years’ experience of spurring customer adoption for pioneering data management companies through targeted product and company positioning and program execution.

Follow Jeff on Twitter at @jsboehm

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