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NewSQL vs NoSQL for New OLTP

Mike Stonebraker is talking about NewSQL again today in a keynote at the NoSQL Now conference in San Jose.

No prizes for guessing what Dr Stonebraker is going to say… namely that:

  • SQL is not inherently incapable of scaling-out horizontally,
  • transactions are good for any applications that care about consistent data (almost all applications do to some extent), and
  • that the emergence of NewSQL databases is a fundamental change in the world of data management.

We hear it every day as we talk to people:  Customers are looking for familiar API’s, capabilities and semantics but with elastic scalability.  SQL+Elasticity.

Whether or not he will take a provocative stance such as the Facebook-trapped-in-a-fate-worse-than-death claim he is certain to make that same point, namely that the next Facebook does not need to build a proprietary database in order to handle the scale of data and concurrency of a modern social network.  NewSQL provides an off-the-shelf solution.

I am sure the keynote will be very interesting, and thought-provoking.

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