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Maximizing the Value of SaaS Data in the Cloud

On-Demand Market

Given the shortcomings of traditional databases, a new database architecture is necessary to support today’s SaaS requirements.

This new approach must include SQL and ACID compliance capabilities to handle the mission-critical SaaS workloads that are typically assigned to relational database management systems (RDBMSs).

Gartner has predicted that, 

"Through 2019, 70% of new projects requiring scale-out elasticity, distributed processing and hybrid cloud capabilities for relational applications, as well as multi-data-center transactional consistency, will prefer an emerging RDBMS over a traditional RDBMS."

Gartner believes this new RDBMS approach can provide greater scalability and distributed processing in hybrid on-premises and cloud deployments. Gartner calls the new database approach, “avant-garde” RDBMS. 451 Research refers to one form of the new avant-garde RDBMS as “NewSQL”.

This new approach to RDBMS can more flexibly operate in a hybrid world of private or public clouds and/or containers to support the needs of an increasingly mobile and global customer base without sacrificing availability and performance. The new generation of RDBMS can scale across multiple cloud and on-premises environments with active-active replication and data sovereignty controls. 

Consider that such avant-garde databases also promise to deliver this functionality with less user effort at a lower price point compared to traditional DBMS offerings, and it’s not surprising to see the outgrowth in interest in this market.

The new approach reduces the deployment challenges, ongoing support requirements and financial risks associated with RDBMS management. This allows the SaaS provider to focus on continuously improving the quality of their software solution and user experience of utilizing their applications.

By reducing the costs and complexities of database management, the SaaS provider can better meet the needs of their customers and better compete in the marketplace.

Stay tuned next week where I'll present "A Transactional Cloud Database without Compromise" and show how new avant-garde relational databases deliver the flexibility and scalability demanded by today's customer base, without sacrificing traditional RDBMS guarantees.

This is the fifth in a multi-part series on "Executing a SaaS Strategy: The Role of the Database." You'll see a new post from me every week for the next several weeks on the topic, but if you'd like to access the entire series now, you can download it here


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