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Geo-Distribution is the New Globalization

As globalization evolved from a phenomenon into an enterprise standard, and ecommerce from a niche into a $300 billion market, the ability to provide application access at local speed to users around the globe becomes an absolute necessity. 

NuoDB is a scale-out SQL database that fulfills that need by allowing you to dynamically add and remove active nodes without ever sacrificing transactional consistency.

In this short demo video, we demonstrate how a NuoDB database can be easily deployed in multiple geographic regions as a single logical database while maintaining full ACID compliance.

The online application that we use is called “Storefront,” which uses the NuoDB database and connects to it through standard JDBC connections. Storefront simulates shoppers browsing products, adding purchases to a shopping cart, checking out, and writing product reviews. Through watching this demo, you see how NuoDB can enable active/active geo-distributed deployment for your applications.

As you’ll see, we start Storefront on two hosts in the Amazon AWS US West datacenter with 300 concurrent users with approximately 600 transactions per second or “TPS” and a latency of around 10 milliseconds per transaction. The scenario is a simulation of US West Coast users running the Storefront app with five different workloads designed to represent everyday database interactions.

In the next scenario, half of the 300 users are West Coast and the other half are East Coast based. Therefore, East Coast clients have to connect to the Storefront database located in the AWS West data center, making round-trip database calls that are much longer than those initiated by West Coast Storefront clients. As a consequence, you see a drop from 600 to 450 TPS and a 90x increase in latency relative to the initial scenario, where all clients and data were local.

Fortunately, with NuoDB, we can on-the-fly add a new database region to improve application performance. You can simply auto-replicate the AWS West data center configuration to AWS East; by doing so, NuoDB automatically gives database access to regional Storefront clients.

After bringing the second AWS region online, clients can then connect locally. You will see from the Storefront dashboard that the performance and latency results are similar to the initial scenario.

As you can see, latency and throughput are highly dependent on data center location relative to where clients are located. With traditional database systems, you have a choice of running the database in a single location or running multiple inconsistent databases and doing your best to replicate data between them. However, NuoDB’s patented architecture allows a single logical database to run geo-distributed with true ACID consistency. You can run NuoDB in as many regions as you want, or you can add and delete regions whenever you want.

Click to download the NuoDB Community Edition and take Storefront for a spin!

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