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Emergent Architecture Swoops GigaOM Structure:Data

It was a great conference day for NuoDB at this years GigaOM Structure:Data Conference. CEO and Co-Founder, Barry Morris, rocked the house with only 5 minutes on stage.

“The reception to our presentation on Emergent Architecture, was beyond our expectations and it was a privilege to be included amongst some of the industries main leaders in technology and data management.”

Started by Om Malik and published by Giga Omni Media, Inc., GigaOM is one of the hottest Tech events out there these days. With over 750 attendees this year, GigaOM’s Structure:Data  Conference marked its 2nd year in NYC.

Exploring the technical and business opportunities spurred by the growth of big data, storage needs and new revenue opportunities, NuoDB fit right in with a presentation that was both “exemplary and innovative” as CEO Barry Morris targeted his ‘Big Idea’ presentation on emergent database technology:

“The database world needs a Big Idea, architecturally speaking. The perfect storm of Big Data, Massive Concurrency and Very Low Latency presents a challenge well beyond the out of reach of historical architectures. The best candidate for that Big Idea in database architecture is the idea of Emergence, the idea that complex database behaviors can be the result of simple interactions by participants at a peer-to-peer level. Think of a flock of birds and you will get the idea.”

For more on the presentation, click here to watch the live video stream.

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