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Drop Shipping App Vendor Adopts NuoDB For Scalable SaaS Deployment

For retailers and suppliers, the value proposition in adopting a drop shipping platform is very compelling. Think of all the systems that need to be implemented and automated to streamline the processes from online order processing to order fulfillment. Not only do retailers and suppliers have to solve these integration needs, but they also have to answer a long list of business and consumer oriented questions such as, “When will my order arrive?” And, “How many more items of one kind are still available?”

This brings us to DropShip Commerce, a customer who recently deployed NuoDB as the transactional database for their software platform. DropShip is the first SaaS vendor with an e-commerce platform that enables companies to operate drop shipping operations as both a retailer and supplier through one interface.

As you can imagine, the success of suppliers wanting to infiltrate the larger retail market is dependent upon on how fast they can get orders from retailers flow directly into their backend systems. Retailers, on the other hand, depend on their ability to rapidly expand product assortments, get real time inventory updates and automate order routing. Today, it can still take a retailer three to six months to onboard a supplier, which has a significant impact on their ability to compete.

DropShip Commerce solves some of those key business challenges with their cloud-based SaaS platform. Their software manages the automated exchange of product, inventory and customer data for thousands of trading partners and their extended network of suppliers.

As DropShip grew and added more and more trading partners, they realized that the cost to maintain their existing database was becoming prohibitive. They looked for a high-performance relational database that could easily handle the peaks and valleys of transaction volumes and found NuoDB. “NuoDB enables us to add capacity seamlessly when we need it, and just as seamlessly scale back when demand shifts,” explained Scott Lemon, Vice President of technology. “That’s extremely critical to managing costs.”

Please reach out to us if you’d like to learn more about how NuoDB’s scale-out database solution can help to meet your companies demanding cloud-scale business needs.



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